Brussels statistics: Atlas 2006

Kaart Brussel: namen van gemeentesThe “Observatorium voor Gezondheid en Welzijn” institute of Brussels has just published a 160-page report full of statistics and Graphics about Brussels: The 2006 Atlas. It is full of interesting data about Brussels, its internal diversity and the differences with Flanders / Wallonia.

Some highlights:


Take a good look at the northern white spot, that’s the Royal Palace of Laken: 58 hectare for a handful of royalty.
Kaart Brussel: bevolking per gemeente


At your left: rent prices, at your right: comfort of housing (which indicates: private toilet, central heating, separate kitchen …). As one would expected, they correlate very well. Ukkel is a fancy neighbourhood, ain’t it, Bruno?
Kaart Brussel: huurprijs Kaart Brussel: comfort van huizen


Molenbeek and Anderlecht jump out.
Kaart Brussel: werkloosheid

Internet connectivity

OK, Woluwe and Ukkel have more Internet connections, but they’re the richer areas, that seems normal. But what’s that little dark red block on the top left? It looks like the VUB hospital area.
Kaart Brussel: Internet verbinding

Age pyramid per nationality

Since the ‘foreign’ nationalities don’t have many old people amongst them, their pyramids are quite symmetric. But look at the image for Belgians: life expectancy for women above 50 is quite different to that for men.
Leeftijdspiramide Brussel volgens nationaliteit

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