LeWeb3: a dozen Belgians in Paris


Le Web 3 has just passed the 400 attendees, and of those, 12 are Belgians – that’s an extra 10 after my last post. Quite some familiar faces, and some new ones:

(from leweb3.com)

If you still want to join, hurry: in 2 days the price jumps from €300 to €500 !

3 thoughts on “LeWeb3: a dozen Belgians in Paris”

  1. I’ll be in Paris for a conference that week but I won’t attend for LeWeb3. I don’t even think that I am of some sort of relevance there 🙂

  2. I think Maarten Schenk’s gonna be there as well, he works for Six Apart after all, and he mentionned something about looking forward to seeing some of us in Paris on his blog.

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