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Canon 400D

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It might be me, but it’s like everyone around me is buying the new Canon 400D. OK, that’s exaggerated, but I’ve spotted at least 2 people I know per week in this last month.

At €739 for a 10 megapixel digital SLR, it’s a sweet deal. The ‘old’ 350D (now €649) was already a really nice camera, but the added resolution (10 MP instead of 8 MP), the EOS Integrated Cleaning System and certainly the larger screen will probably make this one even a bigger best-seller. Which means I will have to cope with a lot of “Yours has only 8 megapixels? Mine has 10!” For the record: that doesn’t matter!

We blew up a photograph to 16 x 24 inches at a professional photo lab. One print had 13-megapixel resolution; one had 8; the third had 5. Same exact photo, down-rezzed twice, all three printed at the same poster size. (…) I’m telling you, there was NO DIFFERENCE.

Flickr already indicates 182 members with a 400D. That’s far from the 2000+ of the 350D, but not bad for a camera that’s only a couple of months old.
On a related note: the camera trends graphs on Flickr have a rare default: while most graphs use ‘too much ink’ (gridlines, legends, borders, … – check the Tufte books for more info), the Flickr charts actually lack info: no units on the X-axis (weeks? months?) nor Y-axis (10% of users? 1% of users?).

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