For some reason this “web” conference has been transformed into a political rally.

  • First, this morning Shimon Peres shows up to talk about world peace.
  • This afternoon, out of the blue, we’re supposed to welcome Nicholas Sarkozy (UMP).
  • And equally unexpected we just had a political statement by his political counterpart François Bayrou (UDF)

This bothers me a lot:

  • Loic Lemeur might have political ambitions, right in time for the French Presidential race, but that does not mean he has to turn a conference about technology and social software into a political forum
  • I have tremendous respect for Mr. Peres, but this is not the time nor place to have this kind of presentation.
  • I did not pay over €600 (fee/hotel/travel) to come and listen to self-involved French politicians talk about why they want to run for president
  • The whole conference scheme has been changed and compressed for allowing hours of (for most of us) irrelevant monologue
  • Loic was proud that 55% of attendees were not French, but then he gives the stage to French candidates speaking French

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I’m pissed off, and I’m certainly not the only one!