The Top 20 bloggers in Flanders

Bloggers love lists. Bloggers adore lists of bloggers, certainly when they’re featured in the said lists. I started making top 30 and 60 lists of Belgian bloggers a way back, and somewhere in Nov 2005 Bruno took over the position as ranking specialist. He has just finished making a new list based on Pagerank, Technorati backlinks, Bloglines subscribers and some other indicators. I came out #3, which proves that the bribe worked as expected.

Let’s take a look at only 2 of those indicators for the top 20: Pagerank and Technorati backlinks (using the Pagerank checker)
Vlaamse Bloggers top 20

Two surprises jump out:

  • the good position of U2U’er Patrick (#11) which must be deserved through some other indicator, because a PR of 0 and 24 backlinks aren’t to write home about (*)
  • the low position of Flanders’ premier shockblog (and provider of premium bootie) Zattevrienden (#13). They go through all that effort collecting pictures of crashing bikers and naked blondes, frame those delicately in contemporary culture through intelligent conversation, but are not sufficiently rewarded for it. Oh well …

In any case: if you want to meet some of the bloggers in the top 20 and buy them a drink, talk about interesting stuff or maybe even get a back link, put the following dates in your agenda:
>> March 23rd, Bwards, Antwerp
>> May 5th, Barcamp Brussels, Brussels

1 thought on “The Top 20 bloggers in Flanders”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the reference to my posts.

    The old URL for Patrick Tisseghem’s blog is, which has PR 5 and 510 reactions according to your pagerank checker.

    Zattevrienden is as you indicate very popular, Cain Ransbottyn’s popularity (measured by the Google Quotient or Blog Quotient) however is rather low.

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