100.000 Flickr views

Yesterday I reached 100.000 views on my Flickr account. Using the numbers above, that translates in almost 32 views on average for each picture. But of course, my Flickr photo collection has power law (big head/long tail) distribution. Let’s dive into the head.

Most viewed pictures

The top five of my most viewed pictures are:

Average penis size
32450 views. I admit, this was total linkbait, used for Size doesn't matter.
Richard, Katie and Holly
10557 views. A totally ugly tweaked picture about the threesome scam
Peter Forret Web 2.0 meme overview
5787 views and also a favourite of 29 people. My not-so-bad Web 2.0 overview from the early days of the meme (Sep 2005)
grace kelly
5482 views. I have no idea where those came from.
Germany Top Models: 50% anorexic
4196 views. A very unappealling Excel scatter plot about anorexia amongst models, used in The next German top model will be thin

One thing you could derive from this top 5 is that I’m better at choosing good illustrations for blog posts than taking pictures myself. None of the top five is a picture that I took with my camera: 2 were made in Excel, 1 with my Get-Remix-Deliver chart generator and 2 are reworked photos from elsewhere.

Interesting pictures further down the list

Just some highlights:
Freya toont wat been Colleta - LeWeb3 Foie gras - voer voor sadisten (Gaia) Bette Porter - "the L-Word" VT4 Belspel: must ... focus ... on ... face Modeshow op tram Isolde Lasoen - Billie King

In my list of most viewed pictures, the first one that I actually took myself is:
Boobs sell almost everything
#19 in the list, 1313 views. What a surprise, eh?

The most ‘interesting’ (according to Flickr definition) picture that I took myself is this one:
Isolde Lasoen
214 views, 2 favorites, but nevertheless #6 in my Most popular list. I’ll never understand how ‘interestingness’ is calculated …

The self-made picture with most favorites (a measle 3) is this Nokia N91 moblog picture from my neighborhood:
Business seats
155 views. The seats are gone now, and they seem to be renovating the building.

My Flickr experience

I became a Flickr Pro user just one year ago, March 19 2006, and I love everything about it. The ‘stream’ paradigm instead of a collection of separate albums, the tags/sets/groups, the notes, the clean layout, the AJAX interface, the uploader, the upload allowance, the clean URLs, the easy embedding and even the way they tell you their servers are down for maintenance. The typical complaints I hear from other people are:

But overall, for the photography buff that I am: Flickr totally rocks! If you use it a lot too, make yourself a Pro, it’s the best $25 you’ll spend this year!

To those of you who regularly check my Flickr stream: thanks for helping me towards 100K! Do you have other favorites amongst my Flickr collection? Photos that are exceptionally pleasing or awful? Have some good advice? Let me know!

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