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BwardsToo many URLs
I’d list everyone I’ve talked to yesterday, if only I could remember. Some random memories: Dramoghe is a girl, Hendrik has a beard, Sven has a nice blogless girlfriend (enchanté!), LittleQ is about my size without her shoes, Onnozelaar thought my age was 28 (thanks, but you should see me on the painting in the attic) and we ate looooooots of Crokidos!

1) a singer: I was drinking. 2) standup comedy: I was talking. 3) rappers: I was hanging out with Ine and Lien. There was one video of the Stew crew that I appreciated a lot:

How Twogirls, Dramoghe, KleineKeizerin, Onnozelaar are all created by one guy, a certain Abel Ransbottyn.

Busty badges
We weren’t looking at people’s faces.
niets.dan.vuur monuments lory glory

DJ Peter
The only reason why any (straight) guy would DJ is to make the pretty girls dance, and according to that standard my DJ set from 00h-01h was a success. I started with a mashup but dived right into a box full of funk, disco and R&B. I was rewarded with luscious moves by Fire, LittleEmpress and Tantieris, with the odd BaldDrop thrown in. Had a great time!
Bwards 121

Thanks: Jeroen for setting it up, Clo & Maarten for presenting, Stefan & Ann for organisation, Lori Glory & Vegas Rocco for warming up my peeps and probably half a dozen people I forgot. Let’s do another one next year!

(all my pictures are here:

6 thoughts on “Bwards: URL overload”

  1. Hey Peter, I really liked your set! If it wasn’t for my tiredness, even I would dance to your music. And I’m everything but a dancer, you should know. See you next time!

  2. Of course it could have been the dim lighting that masked a few things or your cute hair that worked really distracting 😉

    I ran a quick search through your blog archives to find some clue about the painting in the attic but couldn’t find anything. A real pity.

  3. @Joke: does “Dorian Gray” ring a bell?
    @Bart: recording my set … I must admit the thought hadn’t even come up! But it would never be the same without the dancing girls.

  4. Oh, you’re talking English lit. How intellectual of you 😉

    Oscar Wilde is a too boyish writer for me, never really liked it very much, although he did have his funny moments every once in a while.

    Certainly this story seems to be a rip off from the more famous Narcissus story in Greek mythology.

    Or am I judging it to harsh? Would you recommend reading it?

  5. waar die abel het vandaan haalt dat hij mijn vrouwenwoorden kan dromen, weet ik niet. maar hilarisch vond ik het wel!

    die foto’s zijn trouwens écht heel mooi peter, ‘n dikke merci uw richting uit. en omdat ik altijd anders moet doen dan de anderen, kwetter ik er hier lekker op los in mijn eigen vlaams. (ghi)

    tot ‘n volgende keer!
    one of the dancing girls, with love

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