The godfather of disco

I got an email from Gene Graham, who has just finished his first full-length documentary on the early days of Disco. Me being a fan of house and disco music, that is one movie I’d like to see!

The Godfather of Disco is a feature-length documentary based on Mel Cheren’s powerful autobiography: My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep On Dancin’. Through a series of interviews with a who’s who of the dance music community, The Godfather of Disco follows the arc of Mel’s life to examine the early 70s musical and cultural currents that gave birth to disco; West End Records‘ contribution to that scene; and the rise of the Paradise Garage.
This documentary not only celebrates the foundation of the dance music scene, it contains interviews with some of todays biggest industry players like Louis Vega, Kevin Hedge, Tony Humphries, Louis Benedetti, Barbara Tucker, and Deli G to name a few.

Gene has already won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the 2007 Minneapolis/St.Paul Internationla Film Festival. I wish him all the best for the other festivals where the movie will be shown, and I hope I get to see it eventually!

2 thoughts on “The godfather of disco”

  1. I am so glad there are still individuals who are fond of this era..I feel sometimes I’m the only many from the 70’s have passed away..and it seems the legacy died with them..Even though I respect their privacy I would like to know what happened too so many..we were in the spotlight for such a short period of time..and I have no friends left that want to remember..they only look ahead..This generation really missed a great party..when we chould just enjoy ourselves and forget for a short time the economy, Watergate, Jimmy Carter..who lead us to a country led by Republicans..and a generation,whose music makes you depressed intstead of happy, or revived…from and old loss and the strength to head to much better..

  2. Grrrreaat, another promising musical documentary. It’s been since ‘The istory of House’ that such an overview has been made. I hope they will screen this one in Belgium too…

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