My first Facebook spam

The Belgian Facebook community is growing and I was expecting to have a first ‘spam’ invitation eventually. It came a couple of days ago, from a group that goes by the name “In Loving Memory of Juliane Angel”. It seems to be created by a guy in rememberance of a girl that died some time ago (Juliane Angel). Even if this sad story is not a marketing ploy (which I don’t think it is), the invitations are still ‘unsollicited’. Whether they are ‘commercial’ is hard to say now, that might only become apparent when there are enough members (only two for the moment).

When I joined Facebook, there were only a few people on it that I knew. The last couple of weeks, there have been invitations coming in on a daily basis of people that I (sort-of) know. The typical early adaptors, of course, but also some outsiders. Juliane is the first spam attempt I get – not a full-fledged Nigerian scam or erection drug, I admit, but still. I hope Facebook can control misuse; because MySpace surely can’t.

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