My City, Your city: Brussels

Because Ine asked me nicely:
Apple Martini

  • My favorite ‘grab-a-bite’: De Markten, certainly when it’s sunny and you can sit outside
  • My favourite shop: Mr Ego for clothes, Passaporta for books – for CDs I would want a shop like the Virgin store in Paris: scan any CD’s barcode and you can listen to it on any headphone set in the shop – since there is no shop like that in Brussels: I shop Amazon
  • My favorite restaurant: SkieveLat (Sablon), very close to where I live – great ‘ribbekes’
  • My favorite ‘take my friends when in town’: l’Achepot on the Graanmarkt (awful website, but nice restaurant), in the Dansaert area, or resto Henri near the Varkensmarkt
  • Other 5 things to mention: the restaurant on top of the Muziekinstrumentmuseum, the Chaff cafe – best terrace on the Vossenplein, the Warandepark/Parc Royal – with the nice Kiosk, café Roskam – my hangout place in the ‘Vlaamse’ area, the Recyclart tavern – cheap, cosy and with free Wifi!

And I’m gonna throw the stick at a couple of fellow-Ketjes (Brussels inhabitants, that is):

  1. Alex
  2. Bruno
  3. Frank
  4. Mike
  5. Wouter

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