Test your karma early in the morning

The “WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin”“: if it works flawlessly (like when I used it on video.forret.com), an amazing tool! It upgrades your WordPress installation to the latest version, while taking a backup of files and database, and disables your plugins right before and re-enables them right after.

Stilleven (2) However, when it doesn’t work as expected (like yesterday morning here on blog.forret.com), it can be painful. In my case: my K2 template was broken after the upgrade. There is no ‘revert’/’rollback’ function, so you just have to dive in the K2 PHP code and disable the odd line here and there. Once you’re done, you realize that the new version of WordPress now has Widgets pre-installed, and the K2 Sidebar modules you so carefully handcrafted are gone. So you have to frantically look for the right widgets to do rebuild your sidebar, like the Flickr Badge Widget,the Folding Pages Widget, the Executable PHP widget and Google Adsense Widget. Then you nervously look for the right HTML code for your Adhese ads, and try to get the widgets in the right order. And only then you relax to drink your first coffee of the day (it was 6AM).

Thanks for the tip, Pascal 😉

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