Barcamp Where #4

Barcamp Brussels #4
I’m getting a little nervous. Barcamp Brussels is gonna happen on Nov 24th or Dec 1st and I still haven’t found a location. All my options have returned negative. The previous times I never really had a problem with that.

So I’m gonna put the question out there: who knows a nice location for Barcamp Brussels #4? If possible, I would actually like it to be hosted at someone’s offices, since it’s on a Saturday anyway …

  • In Brussels (not just the center, let’s take Brussel/Halle/Vilvoorde)
  • I expect around 100 attendees 
  • we need 3-4 presentation rooms of 20-30 persons each
  • a hall or lounge with seats and coffee would be nice
  • catering on-site or otherwise a neighbourhood with restaurants at walking distance
  • available Wifi would be handy – or we can set that up ourselves
  • preferably easy to reach by public transport, or with sufficient parking
  • if the location costs more than, say, 2000€, it’s not an option.
  • I tried a lot of socio-cultural venues (KVS, BSB, DeBuren, BTCCTB …) , but the moment I mention ‘Internet’ they say ‘no’. So I gave up on those.
  • none of the locations of the previous events

Suggestions welcome via mail or comment!

8 thoughts on “Barcamp Where #4”

  1. I’ve asked for info @
    Their commercial prices are above budget, but maybe there are some possibilities for a non-profit event that (ahum ahum) with such prestige, wide media coverage and attended by decision makers from a wide range of companies!
    And there was at least one person from Agoria present last time, that can help too.

  2. Why not one of the previous locations .. Did we mess up that badly that they don’t want to see us again ?

    I missed the SAP lounge edition .. so I`m all in favour of that one again 🙂

  3. Well, the SAP Lounge hàs changed to a new location in the meantime, so yes, I’ll give it a try.

  4. I’ll check with some people at Marketing at my employer’s to see whether they wouldn’t be interested in this 😉

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