Barcamp Brussels #4: 10 days to go

barcamp brussels #4

Barcamp Brussels #4 is coming closer: Saturday Dec 1st is 10 days away. Our main sponsor is MSN/Windows Live.

If you’re not already on the attendee list (we’re around 70 now), please hurry, we have to close that list on Monday to fix the right quantities for catering.

Some last remarks:

  • As usual, we start at 9AM, we stop at 6PM. 
  • Parking is no problem, we can use the mVillage parking that’s empty anyway, since it’s a Saturday. 
  • Who wants to record videos? Out of experience I can only say I cannot do it myself, nor can I make them ready afterwards for Youtube/GVideo. So I need 3-5 people taking care of that.
  • Anyone doing anything with photography, like the previous time?

3 thoughts on “Barcamp Brussels #4: 10 days to go”

  1. I’ll take the camera for photos anyway… I might take the second camera (IXUS) too, but that won’t do for quality video 😉

  2. Like I said in the comments of the previous post, if there are nokia N95 (ore alike), I’m more then willing to handle them. I love those beauties.
    And it looks like you have enough photographers..

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