New lens for my Canon camera

My current favourite lens for my Canon 350D is the Canon EF 50mm F 1.8 II ø 52 mm. I really like the wide aperture (f/1.8) that allows me to take pictures without flash in dark environments like tango events, and the small depth-of-field that brings out the subject really nice. Plus, it was only 100€ when I bought it, and now it’s even at 84€.

Maryline-Vincent-Roma (5)

But a 50mm lens in a small digital SLR is equivalent to a 75mm, and sometimes that’s too much. I have to step 2m backwards to get a portrait of two persons (people ask this, you know), and even further if I want a picture of a tango couple with their feet included as well as their head. So I’d like to find a second lens with at least the same aperture, and with a lower focal distance, at a non-ridiculous price (below 400€).

Candidates seem to be:

Does anyone have experience with these lenses? Any suggestions?

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  1. Try the different focal distances with your kit lens, though the dif tween 28&30 is minimal. I get the impression that lenses tend 2 be priced according 2 quality with a little up 4 the canon brand name

  2. I have and would take this one again:
    Sigma 18-50mm F 2.8 EX DC
    2.8 (so ok ,no 1.8, yet really good, zoom offering some extra advantages (fast switching of focal distance, plus macro.)
    A 24, and 28 included 😉
    Plus remember when measuring light at 24mm, more surrounding is included, so very often you have more light that comes in.

  3. I’d go with the 30mm 1,4 Sigma. It’s incredibly sharp in the centre at wide apertures, and if you think about what you want a fast shorter lens for, it’s almost always used at large apertures, and for photos where the edge performance is not critical (because whatever is there is likely to be outside the DOF)

    This Sigma outperforms the others in your list overall. What it maybe doesn’t outperform is the plastic but good Canon 35mm f2. This has a better balanced performance, but the better central resolution and extra stop of speed makes the Sigma still the one to go for I think (not to mention build quality)

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