QR Experiments: QR-ized photos

This is my 2nd QR Experiments post, also check the first one on QR Roulette!

QR codes are now often used as an easy way to add a URL to a poster or a screen: the viewer can scan it with their phone instead of having to remember the URL and type it into a browser.

But what if the whole image was a QR code? Can you make an image that is recognisable as both a photo and a QR code? It turns out, yes, most of the time!

I created these examples by blending a movie poster image (I have plenty of them from my Pixel Movie Quiz) with a same size QR code image and playing with the transparency of the white and black areas independently. All three examples should be scannable from your screen!

The main difficulty seems to be the areas with small details with strong contrast changes. They throw off the QR recognition off most, which has to be compensated with less transparency for the QR code, Another solution would be to make the QR code a bit smaller and position it over an area of less contrasted details.

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