“Bashful Thinking”: a newsletter for bash scripting enthusiasts

I’ve decided to start a new email newsletter about my favourite tech topic: bash/shell scripting. It’s something I’ve become quite proficient in during the years, and I still discover new tricks, tools or applications every day. So I will bundle the best information nuggets in “#!/Bashful/Thinking“, a new weekly newsletter for bash enthusiasts. Get yours now!


Newsletter header

Whether you’re of the level

  • echo "Hello World"
  • git commit -a && git push
  • if [[ ! -f "$cache" ]] ; then ; (...) ; fi
  • source "$( cd "${BASH_SOURCE[0]%/*}" && pwd )/functions.sh"
  • trap - INT TERM EXIT
  • awk 'BEGIN { FS="|"} $1 ~ /flag/ && $5 == "" {print $3"=0; "}'

You will find something interesting in every edition; tips & tricks, bash tools, frameworks, and libraries — and articles on scripting. Whether you’re on Linux, MacOS or Windows, this will be a very handy skillset to enhance!

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