Splashmark — easy Unsplash image markup on the command line

Photo: Alex Perez on Unsplash.com

See this photo above here? It was created with one, albeit rather long, command line:

splashmark -w 1280 -c 640 \
   -i github.com/pforret/splashmark -j 50 \
   -e dark,grain -3 "created with pforret/splashmark" \
   -p fonts/FiraCode-Regular.ttf \
   search splashmark.jpg splash

The splashmark script searches for “splash” on Unsplash.com, downloads the first photo found, resizes it to 1280 pixels width, crops it to 640 pixels height, uses a ‘dark’ and a ‘grain’ filter, adds a big title in the middle and photo URL and Unsplash attribution in the corners, using the Google font Fira. It takes about 10 seconds,

Another example?

I developed splashmark because I needed a different picture for each page of a site I was building and I found myself doing too many different steps for each photo. It can be used to make title images, social images, inspirational quotes … etc.

I just launched it on ProductHunt!

The script was created with bashew, my bash script boilerplate generator. Make a script in minutes, not hours.

Photo: Shaun Low on Unsplash.com

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