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Plan your alcohol consumption

I was talking to a doctor friend about cholesterol and stuff and he mentioned some interesting facts about alcohol: drinking up to 2 units of alcohol per day is good for your health. The numbers I find on the New… Continue Reading →

Interpersonal Intelligence and Mental Violence

This is a text by Rauno Lindström that has now disappeared from its original URL. I don’t agree with all points in the text, but I store it here for easy reference. The definition of ‘interpersonal intelligence’ will remind you… Continue Reading →

A Sudoku challenge generator

When on holiday, one can kill time solving Sudoku puzzles. When one has done a dozen of those puzzles and one happens to have a wandering mind like mine, one starts wondering how those Sudoku challenges are created, and if… Continue Reading →

Lies, damned lies and Google trends

Yesterday I was browsing through my freshly arrived Tufte book “The visual display of quantitative information“. One example of “garbage in, garbage out” that he gives is the London Stock Exchange index (which went way down one year in Dec)… Continue Reading →

BMI is not perfect

I’ve written a post on the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the candidates for Germany’s next Top Model and I have been mentally bugged ever since. Not by images of thin girls, but by the formula of BMI: weight(kg) /… Continue Reading →

ShockAbsorber: Baywatch and science

Joey from “Friends“, as we all know, is very interested in bio-mechanics, certainly the topic of female movement on beaches: CHANDLER: So ah, whatcha watching? JOEY: Baywatch. CHANDLER: What’s it about? JOEY: Lifeguards. CHANDLER: Well, it sounds kinda stupid… Who’s… Continue Reading →

Automated initial image tagging: Ojos Inc

What meta-data do we have for the average digital picture we take: MINIMAL: a filename, typically autogenerated by the camera (e.g. “DSC0009”) or chosen at the moment of import (e.g. “Trip to Portugal 001” or “Aug2005_001”) a filedate, which probably… Continue Reading →

Biometric spielerei: Applied Minds

Reading this article on Applied Minds sure brings back memories: Co-founder Danny Hillis escorts me down a hallway that dead-ends into an old-fashioned red phone booth. The phone rings. He places receiver to ear. “The blue moon jumps over the… Continue Reading →

Know Your (Metric) Limits

From Wired – July 2004: The universe comes in a box. It’s a big box, and you almost never see the walls, but its boundaries are immovable – the speed of light, gravity, the way atoms interact. Even if time… Continue Reading →

Instant Ken and Barbie: Melanotan to the rescue

Thus a drug called melanotan (…), which was developed as an analogue of this hormone to promote a natural tan as protection against skin cancer, was found to have the side effect of dramatically increasing libido in men and women… Continue Reading →

Intelligence is the mind’s worst enemy

If you’re interested in high level conversations on a wide range of topics, check out Their motto: To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room… Continue Reading →

Imperial time units: here come the nunes

I caught an episode of Top Gear the other day. The rather excellent Jeremy Clarkson was talking about ‘driving very economically’ with an big Audi and mentioned all kinds of mpg (miles per gallon) measurements. For me, having lived in… Continue Reading →

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