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iPhone bandwidth: orders of magnitude – 2009

I did a bandwidth test the other day with the iPhone SpeedTest tool. I wanted to compare the speed using (standard) GPRS, using 3G and my own Wifi. The results were all a power of ten apart: iPhone on Proximus… Continue Reading →

Whisher: exchange passwords to share Wifi

There are different scenarios that enable people to share their Wifi. FON uses customer Wifi routers, Wifidog/OpenWRT uses custom server machines (PCs), and Whisher has a an interesting alternative: they aggregate Wifi passwords. You install an local application that you… Continue Reading →

Convergence of the iPod

Using an iPod to see how fast one is running: With the Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen;… Continue Reading →

Double Wifi: municipal wifi with protection

I have written about FON before (they provide a business model for sharing one’s bandwidth through Wifi). They use a custom firmware for the Linksys WRT54G routers. I have the feeling that current Wifi routers (or access points) cannot offer… Continue Reading →

Google files patents for contextual wifi advertising

Google has filed and published the following patent applications: (1) Method and system to provide wireless access at a reduced rate: Methods and system for providing wireless access at a reduced rate. In one embodiment, access to a WAP is… Continue Reading →

REQ: more “BEING SPACES” in Brussels

Anyone who often works at home is probably familiar with this: sometimes you would like to work somewhere else to finish something undisturbed, to see some people while you work instead of just the PC and the refrigerator, to have… Continue Reading →

Ancienne Belgique rocks

I’m in the restaurant of the Ancienne Belgique and it’s only a few steps away from heaven: I just had a wonderful dinner (fish – sea bass, I believe) I was waited upon by the lovely Marie The AB cafe… Continue Reading →

FON and the art of nuances

It started with a juicy announcement for FON, Martin Varsavsky new venture: “FON can now count Google, Skype, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures as investors and backers” (for almost $22-million). Good news for any company. He continues the announcement as… Continue Reading →

Municipal WiFi: requirements for success

Municipal Wifi is gaining speed. Some of the efforts are institutional (Joy Ito joins the FON advisory board, networks are being installed in San Francisco and New Orleans) and some are grassroots (John is setting up a Wifi cloud in… Continue Reading →

Oakland installs free municipal Wifi

The goal of Wireless Oakland is to prepare Oakland County and its workforce for the jobs and technology of tomorrow. In conjunction with the Emerging Sectors Initiative, it will enhance Oakland County’s ability to attract and retain high-tech and nanotechnology… Continue Reading →

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