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I know a Microsoft enthusiast evangelist!

Miel just announced that he will be working for Microsoft as a enthusiast envangelist. ‘Technology evangelist’ I’d heard about but how does one evangelize enthusiasm? I did a simple Google search on the term and up came Benjamin Gauthey, his… Continue Reading →

She good writer #3

(also check She Good Writer #2) Sarah Brown is a free-lance writer from NYC. Judging from her blog, Que Sera Sera, she’s the kind of woman you’d like to have on your team in any verbal combat. Switching back and… Continue Reading →

She good writer #2

(also check She Good Writer #1) The second girl blogger that I want to put in the spotlight is Trish, a friend of mine who writes Havedaydotcom. She’s an American copywriter who has been living in Brussels for more than… Continue Reading →

She good writer #1

Let’s introduce some blogs that are worth spending some time on, but non-technical and written by women. The first blog is written by Ingrid Coppé, the director of the short film “Another Day“. She’s currently working in New-Zealand on some… Continue Reading →

Geek love checklist

Two geek girls ‘in the know’ have just published their “top 10 reasons to date a geek“, which can also be read as: 10 indicators to check if you’re a real geek. First one is Maryam, Robert Scoble’s wife. I… Continue Reading →

What women want

Things you learn in bars: the list of things girls look for in a guy (or, in this case, as cited by Nathalie and An). I use the following scale: 1 = nice to have … 3 = definite bonus… Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Meshell Ndegeocello

I recently rediscovered Meshell Ndegeocello. I had been really disappointed by the concert I had seen of her last year on the Blue Note festival and hadn’t listened to any of her CDs for that time. Basically I was disappointed… Continue Reading →

Angelina ‘The Lips’ Jolie

The readers of the magazine Esquire have just elected Angelina Jolie most sexy woman alive. I beg to differ. She might be alive all right, but most sexy woman? Those lips, my God! Collagen alert! The full list in Esquire… Continue Reading →

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