The Barcamp video saga: background

I’ve had a number of requests from attendees of the Barcamp Brussels 3 event. “The speeches were recorded on Nokia N95 phones, right? How come we haven’t seen them yet on Youtube/Google? What’s taking so long?” Well, here’s the answer.

The godfather of disco

I got an email from Gene Graham, who has just finished his first full-length documentary on the early days of Disco. Me being a fan of house and disco music, that is one movie I’d like to see!

Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen Legacy edition

This week in my newspaper: there’s a re-issue of the fabulous “Steve McQueen” album (1985) by Prefab Sprout. Prefab Sprout is: songwriter Paddy McAloon on vocals, guitars, keyboards, Martin McAloon on bass, Wendy Smith on backing vocals, guitars, Neil Conti on drums. It was one of the first vinyl records I ever bought and certainly one of the best. The quality of the album might have something to do with the producer: Thomas Dolby.

Plan your alcohol consumption

Wine - by katiew I was talking to a doctor friend about cholesterol and stuff and he mentioned some interesting facts about alcohol: drinking up to 2 units of alcohol per day is good for your health. The numbers I find on the New England Journal of Medicine site are somewhat smaller (1 unit per day) but the effect is proven:

Your Twitter Quotient (TQ)

Twitter Quotient for : pforret

Creating a tango calendar

Resurrection of

Reinventing the wheel: Twitter backchannel

I was chatting a bit with Bart about Barcamp, and I asked the inevitable question: “Should we do something with Twitter?” To which Bart’s answer was: “Maybe, but what?”. Let’s see:

Twitter: watch your mouth

Whether Twitter will turn out to be a conversational revolution or a giant waste of time, I’m still not sure about. Sometimes it feels like instant messaging (chatting *with* someone), sometimes like just changing the subtitle of your MSN/Gtalk (just a shout, no specific destination), sometimes it’s more like talking to yourself. But make no mistake: you are not just talking to yourself!

Interpersonal Intelligence and Mental Violence

This is a text by Rauno Lindström that has now disappeared from its original URL. I don’t agree with all points in the text, but I store it here for easy reference. The definition of ‘interpersonal intelligence’ will remind you of “EQ“.

Barcamp Brussels: one month to go

Barcamp Brussels logo In about 30 days, a bunch of Internet entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and geeks will gather at the Halles des Tanneurs in Brussels to share experiences and learn from each other: Barcamp Brussels. This is the 3rd edition of this ‘unconference’ that has proven to be a great place to meet new people and ideas.
Les Halles des Tanneurs