Creating a tango calendar

Resurrection of

Reinventing the wheel: Twitter backchannel

I was chatting a bit with Bart about Barcamp, and I asked the inevitable question: “Should we do something with Twitter?” To which Bart’s answer was: “Maybe, but what?”. Let’s see:

Twitter: watch your mouth

Whether Twitter will turn out to be a conversational revolution or a giant waste of time, I’m still not sure about. Sometimes it feels like instant messaging (chatting *with* someone), sometimes like just changing the subtitle of your MSN/Gtalk (just a shout, no specific destination), sometimes it’s more like talking to yourself. But make no mistake: you are not just talking to yourself!

Interpersonal Intelligence and Mental Violence

This is a text by Rauno Lindström that has now disappeared from its original URL. I don’t agree with all points in the text, but I store it here for easy reference. The definition of ‘interpersonal intelligence’ will remind you of “EQ“.

Barcamp Brussels: one month to go

Barcamp Brussels logo In about 30 days, a bunch of Internet entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and geeks will gather at the Halles des Tanneurs in Brussels to share experiences and learn from each other: Barcamp Brussels. This is the 3rd edition of this ‘unconference’ that has proven to be a great place to meet new people and ideas.
Les Halles des Tanneurs

Idea: Package Delivery 2.0

I spent last weekend at the Brussels Tango Festival, mostly taking pictures of people dancing. Because of the lack of light that is typical for tango events, I had bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens online one week before. First at Pixmania, but because they couldn’t deliver fast enough (product not in stock), I cancelled and ordered at Foto Konijnenberg. I expected the package to be delivered in a couple of days. When I didn’t see any sign of delivery and the track&trace URL didn’t work, I contacted Foto Konijnenberg (very friendly and correct customer support, by the way) to ask what was happening. Apparently the transport company had been at my door twice, did however not leave any message, took the package back and at that moment no one could tell me where the package was. We’re now 2 weeks after purchase and still at the same stage: my lens is somewhere in the purgatory between vendor and buyer but the transport company (TNT/DPD) has no clue where.

Equal Pay Day

That time of the month …

Countdown to Brussels Tango Festival

Brussels Tango Festival
Thursday is the start of the Brussels Tango Festival and I’m looking forward to it. This is what my schedule looks like:

Bwards: URL overload

BwardsToo many URLs
I’d list everyone I’ve talked to yesterday, if only I could remember. Some random memories: Dramoghe is a girl, Hendrik has a beard, Sven has a nice blogless girlfriend (enchanté!), LittleQ is about my size without her shoes, Onnozelaar thought my age was 28 (thanks, but you should see me on the painting in the attic) and we ate looooooots of Crokidos!

Tonight: Bwards in Antwerp

It’s gonna take me some effort to arrive there in time, but tonight is the Bwards event in Antwerp, and I’m looking forward to it! It looks like Jeroen has created a fun party for those of us with a URL and an opinion. The place to be is Het Paleis, and here is how to get there: