Double Wifi: municipal wifi with protection

I have written about FON before (they provide a business model for sharing one’s bandwidth through Wifi). They use a custom firmware for the Linksys WRT54G routers. I have the feeling that current Wifi routers (or access points) cannot offer a good balance of security/flexibility. Opening your own network for everyone is currently too dangerous. There’s Wifi trolls that gobble up your bandwidth and there’s hackers that scan your ports for vulnerabilities. My idea is that now you would need 2 Wifi zones, one behind the other, each having different security and different policies. With access points costing as little as 25 euro, that is not a big investment.

IVI: Internet voor Iedereen

Internet voor iedereenIf your (Belgian) parents or grand-parents want to buy a cheap PC to get started on the Web, tell them to hold back for a couple more days. The Federal Government – through FEDICT – has set up a program to sponsor a complete package of PC + software + broadband + training for a sharp price. The title of the project: IVI or “Internet voor Iedereen” – the launch is planned for next week, April 18th.

PDF podcasts: proof of concept

Videography magazine: via PDFBackground
I read a lot of info on digital cinema these last months. I find there is little syndicated content (blog feeds) to be found on the topic. Some sites have a page of press releases and/or an email newsletter, but that’s about it. That’s why I have created some custom RSS feeds with feed43. (e.g. Digital Cinematography feed for the CMP Digital Cinematography Magazine)
What I do see is that some sites publish really nice magazines in PDF (Portable Document Format – by Adobe) format (see Videography on the right). You only know about these if you go visit the site of course – very Web 1.0. So if there could be a feed that alerts me of new issues of these PDF files … And while we’re at it, why not put the PDF link as an enclosure in the RSS feed, podcast style? And just like an MP3 podcast is automatically transferred to a portable MP3 player, could a PDF podcast be automatically printed? The answer is: Yes. Let me show you how.

Adsense also looks at search terms

I had been wondering just how much information Google Adsense uses to select the right contextual ads. Specifically, do they use the referring page also. I just got part of the answer:
Adsense: after search on Antwerp

Barcamp Brussels: May 20 2006

So there it is: after some feedback on my Barcamp announcement post, we fixed the date and location for Barcamp Brussels!

Storing the SQL queries in the database

I want to outline something I developed something like 5 years ago, and that I was kind of happy with at the time: a way of saving all SQL queries inside the database itself. The reason for writing this is that it would really fit in with all the RubyOnRails and other programming frameworks that are created these days. If someone feels like creating a component/plug-in for it, that would be so nice…

Google moving into Interactive TV

Google is looking for a “Product Manager – Interactive TV”:

Size doesn’t matter

Sometimes a spam mail escapes my filters and shows up in my inbox. Last week I got a “Enlarge your …” mail with some girl’s name in the From field. I deleted it right away but subconsciously I had already read some of the content. So I went back and retrieved it from my Deleted Items just to be sure: they really talk about “enlarge a penis up to 10 cm“? (UPDATE: I read this as 10cm TOTAL length, not 10 cm EXTRA length)

First off: as a straight guy I have no practical knowledge of what average size a girl has to put up with these days. Nor am I about to disclose my own dimensions (I want women to like me for my personality). Nevertheless, 10cm or 4″ strikes me as rather short, certainly as an ideal to be reached by taking pills. For those who cannot estimate dimensions: that’s the height of a cheap Nokia phone (the 1100, say).

Google files patents for contextual wifi advertising

registration patent
Google has filed and published the following patent applications:

Moving up the feed chain

While playing with Feed43 recently (an excellent anything-to-RSS converter), I wondered: why doesn’t Feedburner do any of this stuff? It’s just a bit earlier in the RSS food chain (let’s call that the ‘feed chain’). Which of course incentivised me to put that feed chain on paper. This is the result:
RSS feed chain