User-generated media is Intel’s wet dream

Since the CISC processors were invented some decades ago, companies like Intel and AMD have tried to follow some form of Moore’s Law: double the number of transistors on a chip – or the corresponding CPU clock speed – every 2 years or 18 months (there’s more than 1 version of the law).

Lexmark printers with “Hardware Error 0502”

Good tip for the Lexmark All-in-one inkjet printer owners (mine is the X6170):

Entrepreneurship 2.0

Dave Hornik recently explained to his 8-year old son what his job entailed (Dave’s a VC) and the response was as follows:

Why spam opt-out lists won’t work

I was reading about a technique to discourage spammers: let an organised mob fill in thousands of fake submissions so that there is no way telling how to distinguish them from real responses. They targeted a known spammer, Alex Polyakov, currently #8 in Spamhaus top 10 and he did feel the pain.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Web 2.0 is Like Disco

White suit

Recent posts + comments in Blogger

One of the disadvantages of using Blogger is that by default, you don’t have categories and recent comments on your blog. There is a trick to put recent comments on this Blogger help page. It involves introducing a new <Blogger> ... </Blogger> loop in the blog template. A nice trick, but I don’t like the fact that they only show the comment dates.

Prince Charles and the Pope

Apple creates RSS the Microsoft way

When Apple reinvented the photofeed, they actually were a bit sloppy. Instead of building upon standard RSS and the Media RSS extensions backed by Yahoo!, Feedburner et al., they decided to do what Microsoft has always been accused of: they made a different, non-compatible RSS format.

SuperThriller concert in Botanique

Apple reinvents photocasting in iLife ’06

“Eigen lof stinkt” as they say in Dutch, but who told you back in August of 2005 that RSS + images made sense (‘Photofeed: image podcasting’)?