Black Eyed Peas: lose da humps

'Lose Da Humps'This song has bothered me from the first time I heard it:

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress 2.0

Ever since I saw the new ‘import from Blogger’ functionality in WordPress 2.0, I’ve known I would eventually migrate my main blog. Blogger is a great way to start blogging , but I want categories, easy template updating (without republish) and all the WordPress plug-in sweetness. As a dress rehearsal, I migrated my Dutch poetry blog first: Zo helpt Poezie ….

The Next German Top Model will be thin

The ‘top model’ Heidi Klum presents a TV show: Germany’s Next Top Model, basically a contest for a bunch of girls who want to become a top model (date actors, eat carrots, spend hours getting your hair done, dress lightly and get paid a whole lot of money while doing that). Recently one of the candidates was dismissed and the reasons were somewhat controversial:

Broadband in Brussels

(post seems to have disappeared when I migrated to WordPress
I have what is proving to be an expensive habit: I’m subscribed to over 30 podcasts (including e.g. Diggnation at 300MB/week), I regularly download software to try out, I use BitTorrent on a regular basis, I buy stuff on iTunes. All that adds up to more than my allowance my ISP subscription gives me (20GB per month). Most of the months I pay an extra €8 per 10GB.

The RIAA shoots itself in the foot again

Image by FactoryJoe

User-generated media is Intel’s wet dream

Since the CISC processors were invented some decades ago, companies like Intel and AMD have tried to follow some form of Moore’s Law: double the number of transistors on a chip – or the corresponding CPU clock speed – every 2 years or 18 months (there’s more than 1 version of the law).

Lexmark printers with “Hardware Error 0502”

Good tip for the Lexmark All-in-one inkjet printer owners (mine is the X6170):

Entrepreneurship 2.0

Dave Hornik recently explained to his 8-year old son what his job entailed (Dave’s a VC) and the response was as follows:

Why spam opt-out lists won’t work

I was reading about a technique to discourage spammers: let an organised mob fill in thousands of fake submissions so that there is no way telling how to distinguish them from real responses. They targeted a known spammer, Alex Polyakov, currently #8 in Spamhaus top 10 and he did feel the pain.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Web 2.0 is Like Disco

White suit