Collaborative filtering on dating sites

Out of purely technological interest (obviously) I’ve been researching some dating sites recently. One feature I discovered most of them have is a kind of ‘short-list’ of people you like. You look around and add the profiles you find appealing onto a list so you can access them easily when you’re aiming for a next victim. Sometimes, the subjects in question are aware of their presence on your short-list, sometimes not. In any way they consist of links between people, links they’ve chosen to add themselves.

Port redirection in Windows

We use port redirection/proxy often on our platforms. In the production setup, separate (Linux-based) servers take care of this, but for our development and testing environment, we need port redirection for Windows system. I generally use 2 command-line packages:

Organizing my CD collection

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Virgo or because it’s Spring, but this weekend I felt the irresistible urge to empty my CD racks and re-organize my CDs. I have about 400 CDs, and I have a tendency of messing them all up if I have no structure I can follow. It’s not as bad as my cousin Quasi-Modo, who keeps dozens of CDs and DVDs on one large stack, and owns LOADS of empty boxes, but anyway … (Weird, he’s a Virgo too?)

Converge already! (Struggling with WLBS)

I hate when things don’t go my way. One server in our NLB (Network Load Balancing) cluster did not want to join the cluster anymore. When I issued a wlbs start, it tried for a couple of seconds to join the cluster, but then remained in ‘Converging’ state. A couple of times I saw an entry in the System Log " ... does not have the same number or type of port rules ...".

Feed-based automatic download/caching

Interesting idea on HubLog (actually it’s an idea of Les Orchard).

Metafilter on Steve Gadd

Great post on Steve Gadd on MetaFilter. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to start drumming, after hearing him on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Concert in Central Park”. When I started browsing through the Steve Gadd Grooves and Fills, I discovered that he was also responsible for “Chuck E’s In Love” (Rickie Lee Jones) and “Stuff Like That” (Quincy Jones). Tunes that got stuck in my head. He’s probably on more of my CDs than I can imagine. Janis Ian, Michael Franks, Al Jarreau, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, …

A Pentium 4 is not necessarily a Pentium 4

I was throwing my DAW system together, first time I actually ‘built’ my own PC, and I thought it went kind of smooth. But my PC did not want to boot every other time. It just started beeping ee-oo-ee-oo, which indicated a CPU problem. I upgraded to the newest BIOS posted on the Aopen site, and then I got the real culprit:

No life without CURLs

If you’re a web server administrator – as I am – every now and then, someone yells at you “The site is down, fix it!”.
A tool you should always keep handy is CURL. It’s a command-line web client (multi-platform – I use it on Win2K), that allows you to see the conversation between a web server and a client (like e.g. your browser).
Let’s say if you check out a page like this: curl -I, you could get

Portable audio & copy protection

Dear Record Company,

Moodlex & Ableton Live

I saw a gig some weeks ago by Moodlex: just one guy with a portable PC, mixing his music live.
It was awesome, terribly funky. I just had to know what he was using for software, that made it so easy and intuitive to do live mixing/composing.
I think there ‘s a fair chance he was using Ableton Live. I’ve downloaded the trial version and hope to test it out soon on my new DAW system.