Bashful Scripting

I have an above-average interest and pleasure in developing bash scripts and I share that passion in various ways. I bundled all of them in the Bashful Scripting network.

Bashful Scripting

Bashful Scripting Newsletter @ Revue

I started a (+- monthly) email newsletter with curated links to bash-related content. Tips & tricks for development, interesting bash projects, articles on advanced or beginner's topics. I get a lot of content from Hacker news and Github. or

Bashful Scripting Podcast @ Youtube

Still working on an intro tune, but the first episode should be live soon at

Bash/shell news @

What is happening in bash development today? I join news from Hackernews, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow and dozens of blogs on: (or

Learn Bash in 27 minutes @ Github

Something I did inspired by the various learn-X-in-Y-minutes projects. or bash.forret.comn/learn

Bashew Script Generator

My biggest project is a work of love I started in 2017 as bash-boilerplate and that resulted in pforret/bashew. It's a tool to create bash scripts, with high-quality boilerplate code, batteries-included.

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Basher Packages Directory

Any serious development environment needs a system for package management (install/upgrade/uninstall). I work with basher, developed in bash by Juan Ibiapina, because it's the most intuitive in my opinion.

E.g. basher install pforret/splashmark installs my splashmark program in 5 seconds and it works immediately.

What was missing , was a directory of basher compatible projects. So I started one:

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Bash Scripting Tools

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Other Bash projects

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Bash scripting on Apple Silicon M1