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Blogging, it’s all about conversations

And talking about blogging is something I will do a lot in the near future: I’m going to Shoob‘s Blogging conference in Brussels on Oct 6th with Bart I’m organising the Brussels Bloggers Dinner on Oct 7th I just registered… Continue Reading →

Brussels Bloggers Meeting on Oct 7

(NL versie hieronder – version FR ci-dessous) After the Geek Dinner (Jan 2005) and Blog Dinner (Jun 2005) in Ghent – organised by Smetty – it is now time for the Brussels connection. I am organizing together with Bart VH… Continue Reading →

Blog search engine frenzy

Exciting times in blog search country: Technorati seems to have figured out how to make its cosmos search fast again. About time, as I said earlier. Google has just launched its long awaited blog search. It is also available under… Continue Reading →

Blogging about bloggers blogging

I will not be posting an update for the ‘Belgian Popular Blogs‘ today because I haven’t had the time yet to add Technorati/PubSub scores. Since I expect this will shake up the listing in a significant way, I want to… Continue Reading →

Geek dinner in Gent : the pictures

Exactly what a geek dinner should be like: someone blogging with a Treo 600, someone with a copy of Star Wars on his phone (no one using a phone for calling, actually), some people defending Apple, someone defending Windows (that… Continue Reading →

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