“Domain Registry of America” scam

UPDATE: I received a cease-or-desist from DRoA in March 2006 about this post.

UPDATE2: I received a cease-and-desist from a Belgian law office in November 2010 about this and other DROA posts.

Just received a letter in the post from ‘Domain Registry of America’ (DRoA), urging me to pay them for renewing my domain name. The paper, with a London address on the back, looks like a bill and tries to scare the reader with “Your registration will expire on May 10, 2005. Act today!”

The issue is: it’s a scam. There is no need for me to renew now, and certainly not with DRoA. I know exactly who manages my domains and I am quite happy with them. But I can imagine this trick works quite well with people who have no clue how DNS works, or in accounting departments of companies. These guys have been fooling people since at least 2002, as the Domain Registry of America, of Canada, of Europe and of Australia.
Who’s behind it?

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  1. Obviously slaps on the wrist by FTC never seems to deter the stubborn scamsters! FTC always seems to settle for small fines much smaller than the scammer’s take from the scam run… why would anyone fear FTC then? 🙂

    Received letters for the domains I have. The letters had the address same as one on their website now:

    Domain Registry of America
    2316 Delaware Avenue #266
    Buffalo, New York

    Ph: (866) 434-0212
    FAX: (866) 434-0211
    int (1-905-479-2533)

  2. You missed one article;

    Peter Kuryliw has already been convicted of mail fraud. And guess what, Domain Registry is now a Registrar (Name Juice) And Peter, he is their compliance office.

    Earlier this year, a director of Yellowbusiness.ca, Peter Kuryliw, was fined $30,000 and given 90 days to shut down the company. If you think you have been a victim of deceptive mail, you are asked to call the Competition Bureau’s Information Centre at 1-800-348-5358 or Project PhoneBusters at 1-888-495-8501.

    Here is the link

  3. Thes crooks are in a new escalation: urgent emails requiring TRANSFER of domain name! After receiving a few, I put a lock on the domains in nquestion- didn’t stop them! Here’s an example:

    ” The transfer and renewal of your domain name, corvisionquest.com is not possible at this time because your domain name is currently in a “REGISTRAR-LOCK” status with your current registrar TUCOWS INC.
    In order to complete the transfer and renewal the “REGISTRAR-LOCK” status needs to be removed. Please see below for instructions on achieving this.

    – Log into your account with your current registrar, and change the status of your domain, corvisionquest.com, from “locked” to “active”.

    – Alternatively you may call your current registrar, TUCOWS INC. (see phone number below) and ask them to remove the lock status of your domain name and allow the transfer to Domain Registry of America.

    – Once done please notify us that you have done so, by clicking on the link below, or calling our toll-free number below.

    We will then re-attempt the transfer and renewal of your domain name.”

    SO HOW DO WE STOP THESE ASSHOLES? Some of my less net-savvy clients have already paid their fraudulent demands….

    If the feds can do nothing, can ISP’s do something about it?

  4. I was recently scammed. On my bank statement the debit card (non-signature) charge (a whopping $215.00) was attributed to “Visa Purchase Domain Registry Marham On”. I am glad I check my charges. I contacted the bank I go to, & they’re looking into it.

  5. I’m in Australia and have received letters from them with Aussie, US and Canadian addresses over the past 4-5 years. I’m always thrilled [not] to get their new invoices [like today] for a client domain and wish there was something we could all do to ban these miserable gits.

    I wrote a blog post just today and then googled them and found your site. All the info above is great – at least we can expose them in some small way.


  6. Je viens de recevoir une facture de ce “domain registry of america”, je ne les connais pas et en plus tout est en Anglais, nous sommes un club de passionnés de voitures ancienes, no bisness, mais collectionneur.
    Je reste à la disposition pour arrêter ses voleurs et profiteurs de gens qui essayes de converser par internet.
    Je préviens mon référenceur de site, pour qu’il ce renseigne des démarche a suivre.

  7. yep we have just been hit by these guys, only with us it was the domain registry of canada, we have quite a few domains all registered to one owner so imagine our surprise when these letters started arriving.

    The thing is they look official if someone was to just look at it quickly I can see people paying out a huge amount of money for the priviledge of changing your domain hosts.

    we have also reported them to our current domain managers but whether anything can or will be done is another matter.

  8. Just received one of these letters from DRoA…

    It gets even better – read the T&Cs on the back. If you transfer, and you want the domain back again, looks they’ll bill you for USD$250. Well that sounds reasonable…. not!!

    Thankfully I know exactly who looks after our domains, but it’s good to see them exposed!

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  10. I’m a company from New Zealand and have received the same letter as what is at the top of this page. Seems they are all over the world.

    The address on the letter is:

    Domain Registry of America
    189 Queen St., Suite 209
    Melbourne, 3000

    Customer Service Phone Number – 1 905 479 2533

    It’s quite funny it’s the Domain Registry of America but we send our money to Australia.

  11. I just received the “scam” letter from DROA. Is there anyway we can all get together and place a class action suit agsinst DROA?

  12. got tons of emails from this droa and telling me to transfer my domain to Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc. and quickly before a couple of days have passed and this seemed suspect and now I am reading all this stuff about them …..there should be much more severe punishment for people like this…

  13. I just received a notice of expiration from Domain Registy of America.
    It state my domain name would expire if I don’t act quickly before 10/19/07 and send in payment to them.
    1 year.$30.00
    2 years $50.00
    5 years $95.00
    They say I could mail it in with credit card no.
    or go to the website http://www.droa.com and make payment.
    The address on the back of my letter is..
    Domain Registry of America
    2316 Delaware Avenue #266
    Buffalo.New York 14216-2687

    I really think congress should get off the well paid fat #^&$%.
    A do something to protect the American citizen.

    They help with porn your child can even look up information for School with out the fear of running to porn.

    The bank throw your record out for anyone instead of shedding it.
    The credit card company rip you off with percentage fee,hardly protect your identity.

    There just too many thing you have to double check for yourself or you will be ripped off.

  14. I have been receiving these notices throughout the year for a few different domain names that I have. I disregarded them because I do not use them anymore and didn’t care if they were shut down.

    But I have a letter from “Domain Registry of America” that came last week (Sept 26, 2007) and I was actually going to mail in a check. Because I have a small business, I constantly get solicitations, so I always go online to research the company before I reply to anything. ESPECIALLY IF A COMPANY IS ASKING FOR MONEY!

    But anyway, I am glad that I saw this. It’s terrible how people try to scam you.

    I just received another letter from a different company claiming that I wasn’t “up tp code” or “compliance” with certain things in my business. I researched that as well and found out that it is a scam.

    I am really upset about how people prey on people who may not be aware of their intentions. I think that people should ALWAYS question suspicious letters. Like I said, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ASK FOR MONEY.

  15. Good day Folks and Mr. Blog Master 🙂

    This is BAD BAD BAD. They are scanning for domains coming up for renewals. Thanks for the heads up on all this. I found you in Google for their domain name search. I will notify authorities. Here is what they sent at 4 am this morning. I just x ed out the domain name in question.

    Hello Linda Lynch,

    The transfer and renewal of your domain name, xxxxxxxxx.com is not possible at this time.

    1) The Domain name is currently in a “REGISTRAR-LOCK” status with your current registrar TUCOWS INC.
    2) We require that you provide us with an EPP Key/Authorization Code from your current registrar

    In order to complete the transfer and renewal, the “REGISTRAR-LOCK” status needs to be removed and an EPP Key/Authorization code needs to be obtained. Please see below for instructions on achieving this.

    – Log into your account with your current registrar, and change the status of your domain, xxxxxxxxx.com, from “locked” to “active”.

    – Then look for the EPP Key or Authorization Code.

    Alternate Solution:
    – Call your current registrar, TUCOWS INC. (see phone number below) and ask them to remove the lock status of your domain name, give you your EPP Key, and allow the transfer to Domain Registry of Canada.

    – Once done please notify us that you have done so, by clicking on the link below, or calling our toll-free number below.

    We will then re-attempt the transfer and renewal of your domain name.

    As a convenience, we have supplied your current registrars phone number below.

    Domain: waterhouseart.com
    Current Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Registrar Phone Number: 800-371-6992 (Toll Free) or 416-535-0123 (Local)

    Transfer Department
    Domain Registry of Canada
    Toll free 1-866-434-0212 or for International Callers, dial 1(905)479-2533

    10/29/2007 4:01:10 AM

  16. I’ve gotten maybe half a dozen of these from the “Domain Registry of Canada”. What assholes.

  17. I’ve been stung too. No one mentioned if anyone has used anything successful to get their cash back……maybe the world should flood their system with our vitriol and crash them. What supreme jerks.

  18. I just got a letter from these con artists a few days ago. I knew right off the bat that this was a scam because I know who hosts my domain, not to mention I have a package service. Since a few of you mentioned domain lock I decided to check if my domain name was locked or not…..Sure enough my domain name was unlocked. I was able to lock my domain (Thank god) and prevent these a$$holes from stealing my domain. Domain Registry of American is basically an extortion racket, they try to con you out of your money, then they steal your domain name right out from under you. My advice to anyone who gets this letter, go and immediately lock your domain. Thank you to the blog master for creating this page, like I said, I knew this was a scam, but I had no idea they could just steal your domain.

    What the hell can be done about this? Seems this is a world wide scam, I’m in NY and the news media love to do watchdog stories like this, I’m thinking I should get some info together and send someone an email. My state attorney general is definitely getting a letter from me…..It seems people are aware of these con artists, but why aren’t they in jail? The letter I got told me to pay $50, now this is world wide…..How many people are falling for this?



  20. Thank you for this posting. My question, now that one of my clients was taken by this scam a little over a year ago … How do we get it back? The Admin contact info is “private” and I suspect the email address was changed as I receive no response when I submit a transfer. It’s probably locked too. Frankly I’m a bit frightened of what might happen if I try to contact them directly! :^0 Does anyone have experience retrieving a lost domain? Or do I have to keep paying them renewal fees so I don’t lose it?

  21. Hmmm … Just received a new notice – this time from Liberty Names of America or LNOA.com. Pretty much the same thing, though “This notice is not a bill” is in bold about halfway down the page.

  22. I’ve been getting these for many years and have, luckily, never been fooled. For me, they used to come from Australia (from memory); now they are sent from ‘Jamaica,NY [no space] / Permit No. 9014’. The envelopes on the latest ones (yes, plural) received yesterday read ‘Registration Services Incorporated’ and feature Canadian, US, EU, New Zealand and Australian flags in their attempt to look official. There is no return address on the envelope. The “notices” have not changed much over the years: they still have ‘Domain Registry of America’ at the header. Return address on mine is ‘189 Queen St., Suite 209 / Melbourne, 3000, Australia’—not the way most Australians I know would actually format their address.

    I recommend putting a Registrar Lock on all domains to prevent any type of transfer.

  23. Re Dp,aom Registry of America [ Domain Name Expiration Notice] URL droa.com I received sometime in October 2007 that my domain will expire on 2/8/08.

    The letter was clearly a farce,it is apparent that the communication came from a mass mailer list using *******AUTO**3-DIGIT(zip code), which did not look kosher enough to sallow. If they have been taken to court and ordered to cease and desist, why are they still arround?

    I guess they are confident that by making a disclaimer, takes them off the hook. “You are under no obligation to pay amounts stated bellow, unless you accept this offer. This notice is not a bill, it is rather an easy means of payment should you decide to switch your domain rgistration to….” I believe the disclaimer itself is a “come on” succer”.

  24. Don`t be afraid they are all little shumk go to police that`s what they would do snich on you don`t be afraid trust me.scum bags

  25. I’m a webmaster and have received such invoice looking notices from both Domain Registry of America and Liberty Names of America. I understand what both these companies are out to do, but now my clients are getting such letters and they aren’t hip to the reality of what’s going on.

    I sent out a letter to all my clients explaining these two companies and to either ‘return to sender’ or throw the notices away.

  26. I received the same letter from a Buffalo, NY address. Luckily I found this before we sent a check. But what I would like to know is if we want to switch our host domain to a legitimate company how do we do this? When our business originally set up our domain we received a site that is well “unprofessional” looking so we are not happy and want to switch. Any help would be great as we are some of the unknowledgable about these such things. So if this is somewhat confusing please excuse me but any help would be most welcome.

  27. I also received a letter from Domain Registry of America. The address (in London) is still the same as mentioned by Peter in December 2004.

  28. I also received this “registration” form from DROA and was amazed. I called my domain host “Imatrix.com” with whom I am very happy as web services providersdoing a great job as hostind webpages, email, etc. and spoke with Mr. A. Benhaim, who assured me that in fact this is a scam and I should not worry about my domain expiration date.
    i decided to call DROA anyways, just curious to see what do they have to say. a nice lady on the phone told me that it is only a “suggestion” to register with them and i dont have too. I replied that no where on there document it says that this is a suggestion, and in fact it looks like an invoice, and I got scared because of it. The lady insisted that it was not a fraud and hung up…

  29. I received the same letter from these scamming bastards today. I know who my registrar is so I knew straight off it was a scam, but i’m thinking of how many thousands of people out there don’t know any better. What a shower of pricks! They can cram it right up their anonymous maildrops!

  30. I just got one of these yesterday and, luckily, thought this was a scam from the start.

    The return address on the envelope is still Gloucester Road, London.

  31. Hello All,

    I have just today reviced the exact sam letter that all of us are reciving from DROA. I’m a small time webdesign person from New Zealand.

    I’m like some here or all and that I have locked my domain from day 1 to prevent this kind of thing happening at all.

    I’ve also taken the next best step and have sent back there letter to them with no cc info etc so they might get the message and not bother me again, but if it still keeps coming thru then I’ll keep sending it back to them.

  32. OK, but the only thing different about this scenario is that they sent a confirmation email to Frank Khoury, and I did not send them a check. Therefore, they solicited funds from an alternate party, not from me. So if I refuse to allow transfer of the domain name, then haven’t they illegally solicited and received funds from the motel via postal mail without contacting Frank Khoury first? Shouldn’t this be enough to legally put a stop to their scams?

    —– Original Message —–
    From: DomainsNow4U.com
    To: ufopro@msn.com
    Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:48 AM
    Subject: Order Confirmation for lockhartinntexas.com, Order #1555778

    Hi Frank,

    I am sorry to read that your customers got caught by the DROA scammers.

    From a legal point of view neither you nor we are to blame since reasonably, having reached an understanding with you/your company, your customer should have contacted YOU first after receiving a communication from a third party (DROA).

    However I am raising this issue with our registrar partners and will let you know their response asap.

    Meantime you might like to consider discretely informing/warning your clients about these scammers before they get caught.

    Fyi more info here:


    Please include all of this message thread with any response on this issue.

    —– Start Original Message —–
    Sent: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 03:13:42 -0800
    From: “Frank Khoury”
    To: “Fred Bunzi”
    Subject: Fw: Order Confirmation for lockhartinntexas.com, Order #1555778

    > Hello Fred, just wanted to let you know that Domain Registry of America
    is at their bullshit again. What can we do about this? They can’t
    actually transfer this domain without my approval, but they have
    collected a check from my clients. My clients were under the impression
    that they were sending a check on my behalf, at my request. They were
    upset when I informed them that their domain name is currently paid until
    July and that I had nothing to do with droa contacting them. Please
    advise. Sincerely, Frank J Khoury
    INN Web Designs Phone: 480-246-5926
    Designs with your success in mind —– Original Message —– From:
    Customer SupportTo: ufopro@msn.comSent: Monday, February 25, 2008 8:13 AMSubject:
    Order Confirmation for lockhartinntexas.com, Order #1555778
    To Frank Khoury,

    Thank you for registering/renewing the following domains with the Domain
    Registry of America, America’s fastest growing Domain Registrar.
    We take pride in offering you superior customer service and competitive

    Order Information
    lockhartinntexas.com renewal/transfering
    The order number for lockhartinntexas.com is 1555778.

    Payment Information
    Your check #2845 for $95.00 has been received.

    Domain Registry of America

    Please have your Order Number ready when calling.

    2/25/2008 11:13:22 AM

    —– End Original Message —–

  33. I would go to his house and fix this at 70 Parr place Thornhill Ontario Canada.Any taxie will take you there he works for segalhomes.com, duodecor.ca that`s the wife.He`s alittle low life jew.

  34. I too have been scammed. Once I caught on I called them and they guaranteed a refund check to be mailed back….that was over 3 months ago now.

    Too bad scams are all around us like this,

  35. We received this in our office today, so the scam is still going strong. Fortunately, I’m aware of our registration and hosting company, so I was able to recognize it.

    The reply envelope listed an address in Buffalo, NY.

  36. I paid Domain Registry of America in 2005, and now it’s time to renew. I had no idea it was a scam. The domain name expires again in a week’s time. I started to renew it, but then saw the fine print about Brandon Gray Internet services, and found all the complaints online. Any advice about how to renew through another company? I worry that if I let the thing expire, I won’t be able to get the domain name back. Thanks, stephanie

  37. 1and1 has been a good company to me. 6.99 is what they charge i think for domain name registration. These wackos…why doesn’t someone in NY physically go to the address 2316 Deleware avenu #226 (probably a mail boxes place) and find out what’s up first of all.

    Why can’t we report a mass scam like this and have the police just wait there for them to pick up mail and arrest them? -Bob

  38. Why has no legal action resulted in anything in North America or Europe? More importantly, why doesn’t ICANN grow some teeth and stop this. It goes on year after year. Our 2000+ clients are continually bugged by these people. It just never ends.

  39. Why not just start sending them phony emails saying you have an interest in their service asking them a bunch of questions that cause them a lot of work. This worked well with the Ethiopian scams. A good example would be asking for their help to register a bunch of domains that you know are already registered. Make them search and reply 4 or 5 times and then finish with a big “haha, I scammed you because you’re a scammer”.

  40. The DROA is at it again, this time with more associated partners in their legal disclaimer, and worse, operating under a new company name: Domain Renewal Group

    They’re continuing to send snailmail spam which attempt to trick recipients into renewing their soon-to-be-expires domains with them instead of their current registrar.

    The registration agreement on the back of the letter states:

    “DOMAIN RENEWAL GROUP (DRG), http://www.drg.com
    “We, us, and our refer to eNom, Inc., Wild West Domains, Inc., BRANDON GRAY INTERNET SERVICES INC. (dba NameJuice.com) and DRG”

    The address of their operations? Same office as DROA:

    2316 Delaware Avenue #266
    Buffalo, New York, 14216-2687

    This is one of the biggest problems with capitalism in the United States. Legal rulings are often done against *companies* and not individuals, which lets said individual start a “new company” (even out of the same office) and continue the exact same scam operation under a different name. This can go on for literally a lifetime, or until someone takes the individual to court and gets an injunction upon them.

    Moral of the story: this bullshit isn’t going to stop until ICANN gets *even more* involved, or someone brings the issue to the attention of a large firm who wishes to take the case on pro-bono.

  41. Now I’ve given them back some of their shit. I have had the customer relations manager Eric Voisard evoisard@droa.com on a series of emails suggesting I want to register a domain dancefever.ws

    I have created a lot of work for him and now I told him I sent them money via Western Union (which I obviously have not) This is what they wrote to me last “We do not normally accept payment in this fashion, we will have to send someone to pick it up later today or maybe even tomorrow”. Whoever they send is going to look like a fool at the Western Union office with my phony code to pick up the money!

    I suggest more people do the same. Use evoisard@droa.com or sales@droa.com

    After a 100 or so phony mails suggesting interest in services they will never be able to tell if an email request is real or not.

  42. Well,,,I was so happy to find this blog on the scam of
    Domain Registry of America. We have 4 separate websites we run as musicians based in NYC USA and a number of domain names.
    I been receiving letters from them for a few years now…at least 2 (can’t remember exactly) – I usually just threw them away. Then I finally called my webmaster – he said toss it..it is not legit with regard to our business with him.

    I sent the letter back with big Black writing to STOP sending them. This year I started calling them to get our address and another CA address off of their mailing list. I told the rep that it was very misleading. Blah, blah,,etc,.etc..

    I just received another letter today… the rep Louise X 230 was very rude when I told her this was a misleading letter.
    She proceeded to blab and say it is not up to her if people do not read..etc., etc., ..very, very nasty and rude.
    I asked her who the President was and she said Alan Benlolo and that her supervisor is Eric at X 248.

    She said that they had no control over the ‘marketing company’ who sends them names and has us on their mailing list. I asked for the name of that marketing company. She said she had no number and that I would have to speak with her supervisor. I told her she was rude and she was as nasty as could be.

    After getting off of the phone I started a search and found this site.

    Now I have more knowledge and thank you all for your input.
    Of course I never paid anything – but with the way they present the letter – imagine the individual who does not understand or even know who their runs their Domain name.
    We use a small company and I can talk with the webmaster anytime.
    I am going to call this Eric guy…(sounds like the same Eric guy from the MDman April 8, 2008 comment on this blog) —
    I will let you know how it goes.
    Have a great Day!

  43. Don’t call Eric. Scam him back like I did. I actually got him to make a trip to Western Union looking for money that did not exist. Waste his and others time. Eventually if more and more people do this they will never be able to tell which contacts are serious and which are pulling their leg. That will make their attempts at scamming people much more difficult.

  44. BTW, both Allan and Elliot went to jail. They were handed 4 year sentences of sorts.

    In Canada you do 1/6th. of what your sentence is. So Allan and Elliot went to Millhaven Inst. Then to Beaver Creek and then to a half way home in Brampton called St.Leonard’s that is run by a Carmen Spadafora who was bought off by these Alan and allowed to run scams right from the home.

    So call up York Region Police and tell them what is happening. I can not believe these guys are up to this shit again.

  45. I told york region police 3 months ago they told me It`s only money people have sat in jail for these guys while they enjoy their lifestyle makes me sick.

  46. What do you mean did scam from his house??? While paying this guy His btother started yellow pages scam when Alen was in pennsylvania he came out and went at it right away,jails gaurd were paid while he was in jail in Canada for the Yellow Pages scam to make sure no one hurt the LIER .WOULDN`T BE SURPRISE HE PAYS COPS TO HAVE PEOPLE ARREST.Alan will always be Alan .He has a mansion in Florida also He is laughing at American and canadian justise system.he is unstopable.He needs half a million just for hius lifestyle he has about 30 millions hidden away. It`s ONLY money

  47. Yep, they are one smooth bunch. The internet is rife with bad domain name registrar resellers, miserable hosting companies, and underhanded creeps like Domain Registry of America. The guy who owned BlackBearBike.com was getting these until I changed the contact email to my own so that I get them instead. Now I just want to do something to them – but of course there’s nothing TO do short of tracking them down and giving them a beating. I’ll bet that anyone who does transfer over to Registry of America will NEVER be able to get their EPP Code from them and so never be able to leave – and nobody will lift a finger to help. What garbage these people are.

  48. I was so glad to find your web page, I recieved a letter from these guys, mine has a Australian address for sending money. I nearly sent it, but something didnt feel right so I looked up there web ad and found you guys right under them. Thankyou so much, your wonderful, just saved us a lot of money and wasted time

  49. July 2008 I have just been mailed by Domain Registry of America, so they’re still at it…I live UK. The guy who looks after my website warned me against them. I recognised them to be a scam. What alarmed me was that they knew my name and address.

    I will pass the letter onto Scotland Yard internet fraud office.

  50. Received a domain expiration notice from them while I was on vacation. Accounting paid it on the credit card. Thankfully the webmaster emails come to me so I was not here to click the link to confirm the domain transfer. I emailed asking for a refund to the card a few times and then finally called today and spoke to some gum chewing twit who agreed to refund it within two seconds, curiously not long enough to even call my account up on the screen. When I said there was an injunction against them and I cant believe they are still operating he started talking over me, loudly reading from a script and shouting the words from it. I started laughing (out of shock) and asked what he was screaming for. He said if he was screaming, I’d know about it. Lovely company. I am reporting to the BBB and have asked me REAL domain provider to issue an email to all their customers warning them of the scam.

    The full report is available online on the Federal Trade Commission website at:


    A copy of the complaint filed by the FTC against DROA is available here:


    A copy of the actual Federal injunction against DROA can be found here:


  51. I work for a domain registrar. The amount of calls we get from idiots who don’t know they are with us and have paid domain registry of america is amazing. Some times people are getting stung for up to $300 or more.

    I still cannot believe these guys still operate its such a joke. Makes me sick.

    All i can suggest to people is to get Private Registration on your domain names. They grab all your details from the whois. Address, email etc, and then send out those stupid bloody letters, which are soo dodgy.

    Anyway, Im thinking of doing what others have suggested and just messing with them for fun. Pretending interest in buying expensive domain names and making them go to western union etc. Just to make them waist some time, and get revenge for all the waisted time my Company has had to deal with because of these annoying letters.

    DROA please go away and die. thanks.

  52. I have just received a letter in the post from these people. I am used to receiving letters from vaious people, like Performing Rights Agency if I play music to my clients at home, even though I don’t see clients at home. Then there was a request to register with data protection at some fantastic sum, where in face it costs peanutes, and like the DRG all these letters suggest that I must act or lose out or be fined. I usually drop them into my local police station who pass them on to their fraud department. Also I think I remember reading something about Gloucester Road, London being quite common for accomodation addresses.

  53. Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately, I just got hit by these guys. I have been so busy as of late that when that letter came in the mail I didn’t even think about who my registrar was. I just thought, oh my domain is going to expire I better pay it. Now I’m shaking my head in disbelief at how dumb that was. It’s not so much the $30 I paid that I care about. I don’t want these guys to have anything to do with my domain. The thing is, I am not sure if my domain is in their hands now or not because while I did end up paying the $30, I received an email from them saying that they needed me to approve a transfer of my domain. The email looked fishy so that is why I started researching this company, and man, was I shocked to see how they had scammed so many people the same way. So naturally, I am not going to approve the transfer, and am just hoping that will be enough to keep my domain with my current registrar. I know I paid the $30 but I never once did I give them permission to transfer my domain from Arvixe to theirs.

    So anyways guys, I feel for all of you people who have had to deal with these guys. We need to do a better job in educating people about these scams. Let’s face it, this company has been doing this for years, so noody is going to do anything about it. But we can. There is strengh in numbers and what we have hear is A LOT of angry, fed up people. I encourage you to give as much bad publicity to this company as you can. Through your online businesses, blogs, websites, etc, spread the word around of what this company is doing.

  54. Ok, I got stung. Had surgery, husband paying the bills, he sent them $95. BUT I caught it and did a stop payment on the check before it hit my bank. So I am out $15 instead of the $95. Got the emails about them needing me to “unlock” my domain. No way. Also have filled out an FTC complaint for all it seems to do. I am going to fill out a complaint at my local post office for mail fraud. If anyone has a current copy of the letter they are sending out I would appreciate it. They have you sign and send the letter back with your payment.

  55. Well, I’m back again. How about some feedback on this scenario. My client is contacted and fully assumes that it is me contacting him, but it’s DROA. My client writes out a check for $50.00 and sends it. My customer makes the check payable to me. Droa contacts me numerous times to authorize the release of the domain, but I don’t. Then Droa cashes the check made payable to me. What do I do or who do I contact to take legal action against them?

  56. I have had so many clients ask me why they are getting this letter when I take care of all their registration. I explained to them what they do and the reaction is always the same. “How can they be allowed to do this?” My reply is basically, ‘it’s not technically fraud’ and remind them that they are in good hands with me and that if they receive any more, to disregard them.

    I myself have written at least one article on this and it’s nice to see others trying to help unsuspecting and potential victims of their less than honorable ways.

  57. Just read the fine print on the back of one of these notices from DROA and it says “We”, “us”, “our” refer to eNom, Inc, Wild West Domains, Inc, Brandon Gray Internet Services, (dba “NameJuice.com) and DROA.

    I have dealt with all of these guys from past clients. Stay away.

  58. Why not nibble away at their ankles?

    Instead of recycling the notices from Domain Registry of America, do the following: 1) Do not open the envelope, 2) write refused prominently across the white space on the envelope, and 3) pop the envelope back in the mail. They could be charged as much as 70¢ in postage fees for the return.

    It won’t put them out of business, but inflicting a bit of revenge, however small is gratifying.

  59. I just received one too…yea, $30year to switch when I can stay with my own register for $7year. They’re obviously looking for business owners that don’t have a clue and figure it’s just a regular expense. I’m glad somebody is blogging about this..needs to be sent to the media.

  60. These scammers are still in business—I received another mailing from them just today.

  61. I to received a letter as shown above, I went as far as calling them at 1-866-434-0212 and talked to a customer representative, when I asked him why I would need to pay for something that was free in the first place, and then I said I think your scamming money out of people that would not know what to do but pay for this and being taken for thier money. The letter i recived was from 2316 Delaware Avenue #266
    Buffalo, New York 14216-2687
    Thank God You put these punks out there to be seen by ALL. Robinn Kim MacLeod/Georgeson

    I received a letter today as well. I’ve gotten them in the past but it was extra creepy because we had just moved. How in the heck do these guys have our new address when we haven’t even updated it with ligitimate businesses yet in some cases. Blows my mind that they are still at it. I wish this would get some bigger media so the word would get out to all those in danger of being suckered in.

  63. Got a letter from DROA today and knew it was a scam right away because I know precisely how my domain is managed. Out of curiosity I googled them and am not surprised at the scam. I am surprised at how long the seem to have been running it. Major league sleazeballs behind this for sure.

  64. They are still at it.I just received a letter today and my partner almost sent the check.Thank god he asked me first about it as i knew i had renewed our domain names in January.This is obviously a very successful SCAM that needs to be stopped as unsuspecting victims are been taken for fools and handing over their money without batting an eyelid.As others have said before this needs to be taken to the mainstream media.

  65. These scumbags stole one of my clients who does not speak English too well. I am the admin contact and own the domain eagletravelplaza.com which was used by one of my budget $399 year website clients.

    DRA sent a renewal notice to my client who paid for 2 years of service with them. And he will not pay me the rightful owner of the domain for my service. I have since turned the site off and put the domain up for sale, but i keep getting these scammy emails from DRA to unlock the domain so they can have it.

    Calls to them do no good, they just hang up on me!

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