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I have just created a tool to help solve the Sudoku puzzles: the Sudoku Helper. I’ve added it to my Forret tools directory.

You solve a Sudoku puzzle by filling in numbers (1-9) in a 9×9 square.

  • Rule 1: every row should contain ALL 9 numbers, and no number can occur more than once.
  • Rule 2: every column should contain ALL 9 numbers, and no number can occur more than once.
  • Rule 3: every 3×3 square should contain ALL 9 numbers, and no number can occur more than once.

(see also

De Morgen (Belgian quality newspaper) has just started printing such puzzles in every issue, and they are an addictive hobby. Here they are: the EASY, MEDIUM and ADVANCED one for Monday June 6, 2005.

My Helper just checks the 3 rules above and will indicate which cells can easily be filled in because there is only 1 option left. Yes, it can be kind of a spoiler, so only use it to get out of a deadlock, or if you’re in a hurry, or to show off.

The more difficult puzzles will require you to cunningly plot your strategy 2 or 3 steps ahead, which my Helper page will not do or help you with. If you want to spoil even these brain gymnastics, check Sudoku Solver by Logic

For those of you who like a client program that can work off-line, check Sudoku Solver (Windows – free).

11 thoughts on “SUDOKU Solver tool”

  1. And another one, here:

    It has four graded puzzles every day, an online workpad and ‘intelligent’ assistance – if you ask for help, it gives proper explanations about what you can do next. You can also print the puzzle out, if you prefer just to scribble.

    It’s a fairly new site so all feedback appreciated,


  2. Another solver, this
    time as a Java applet, nicely
    shows an animation of the solving

    Built-in puzzles, speed
    control slider, menubar, tooltips
    and look & feel options make this a good
    demonstration that Java applets
    can have a familiar and friendly
    interface. See

  3. There is another interesting puzzle similar to Sudoku called Fillomino! Thats my favourite!! If you like Sudoku you should check this out. Just type “Fillomino” and search via Google to find interesting puzzle stuff!

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