Google Toppers: pick your title carefully

Everyone with a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) experience knows that the title of your HTML pages is crucial. But just how strong is that tiny part of your HTML? When I noticed I had become #1 for the Google query “media technology belgium” in Google (3 words I put in my blog title), I started investigating a bit further. I was first in a total of 18 million pages (according to the “of about” part in the top right of each Google results page). Could I do better than that? I could -as can be seen lower- but there are much stronger examples from other blogs.

Some remarks up front:

  • Keep in mind that Google has indexed something like 15 billion pages so the theoretical walhalla of search results would be: #1 of about pages. Impossible to reach of course (expect if Google would allow to search for the character “.” in an URL, e.g.) – but let’s see how close we get.
  • Search term combinations with e.g. the word “blog” will always be smaller than 512,000,000 since that is the # of pages in Google for “blog“.
  • Sometimes the # of results for a query with 2 words returns less results that a query with the same 2 and 1 extra word. Does not make sense, but there results might come from 2 different servers/stat versions/indexes.
  • All results below are subject to change. You might do the same query now and get another #1 or another total. It’s normal, Google is a huge beast that is always on the move.

Google Toppers Game

Try to guess the blogs that can claim these word combinations in Google:




Do you know of any other impressive search queries that can be claimed by a blog? Is there a #1 of about 1,000,000,000? Add them to the comments!


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