Google experiments with inline revisions

I don’t recall having seen this before: within the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of a keyword X, Google puts the top 3 results for a keyword Y.
Google alternate results
The exact details:

  • I did a search for “FYD” on (I won’t tell you why, but I think Ine might have an idea)
  • I got results for FYD (“Results 1 – 10 of about 280,000 for FYD”)
  • just behind the 3 first results, Google inserts a block with the 3 first results for “FTD” (4.150.000 results).
  • Google does not suggest that I made a typo by stating something like “Did you mean ‘FTD’?”
  • There is a title line “See results for: ftd” with the addition of oi=revisions_inline in the query string. So I guess they call it “inline revisions”.
  • the first three results for “FTD” are all homepages of domains with FTD in them:,, . That might be a coincidence, since these are the actual first 3 results for “ftd”.
  • Knowing how Google generally works, this seems like an organic search feature. I don’t think either of those 3 “ftd” domains paid for having the revision.
  • Google tracks click-through on these revisions: they first send the visitor to with the parameters: sa=X & revid=889895241 (changes with every query refresh) & qpos=0 & upos=0 (position of result: 0/1/2) & oi=revisions_inline
  • I don’t get these revisions when I search on I don’t get them when I use an extra keyword in my search. But I can reproduce the results for “FYD” from another location.
  • Some other queries that have these inline revisions: PDZ (See results for: perfect dark zero), ADZ (See results for: adze), UGE (See results for: universal game editor).
    So it’s not just about typos, also for ‘lesser known’ acronyms.

UPDATE: penalty points for doing sloppy research: Google was already testing this out in August. Here’s an article on (German) (the search term was ‘COLA‘, I also get the revisions for that) and one on and it was mentioned again in October on The feature was announced on August 19 by Googler Matt Cutts. Scusi.


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