Five SEO Excuses

Russell Jones, CTO of SEO firm Virante, has found an original way of showing off his SEO skills: he created a top 5 of SEO excuses, and made sure they listed #1 to #5 for the Google query “five seo excuses“.

So, here it goes, my top 5 reasons that you should avoid SEO. Or, if you want to do it the long way, just search google for “five SEO excuses”, without the quotes!
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The top five SEO excuses are:

Obviously, by now the top #5 has completely changed.
Five SEO Excuses

The #1 spot for “five SEO excuses” is now taken by, a very popular forum for SEO experts. The second is taken by, an SEO blog. Only on the third spot, one of the domains has kept its ground. Once the big guys start playing along …

UPDATE: I became #1 Google result with this post. I apparently should be careful about what I say here.
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