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Roos Van AckerWhen I search for Roos Van Acker (in the Google sense of searching), I have 2 sites that show up in the top results: a blog post of mine and the Flickr picture you see at the right. My blog has a Pagerank 6, so that explains why it can score high in searches, but I was sometimes surprised when my Flickr pictures showed up high in Google results; until I noticed that my Flickr stream also had a Pagerank 5. So maybe I had more PR firepower that I suspected. I decided to make an inventory of all sites under my control and see how high their PR is: my Pagerank inventory.
(for more info on Pagerank, check and wikipedia. In short: Google gives each page a ‘weight’ or importance indicator called Pagerank. Pagerank 4 (PR4 in short) is OK, PR7 is kinda hard to get (right, Bart?), PR9 is only for sites like and, and PR10 is the absolute maximum (the only site I know with a PR10 is

All * sites
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Here was my first surprise: I actually have a domain with a PageRank 7 and I didn’t know! I created some years ago as a shortcut for my HTTP header analyzer and I had no idea it had since then risen to superstar PR status. For the rest: my 2 most used sites, and both have PR6, and their aliases and too. The Barcamp Brussels site has a PR5, my Winadmin tools have a PR4 and my old tango site, that I’m migrating to, still has a PR3. Stuff to see, my video blog, is still too new, it has no PR yet. drilldown
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Let’s drill a bit deeper for my blog: the homepage has a PR6, the folders below it (about, tags, archives) have a PR5, the ones below that a PR4. Individual posts have a PR3, except if they are exceptionally popular (i.e. well linked to) which can push them to PR4 or even PR6 (thanks, Loic). drilldown
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The web tools are slightly different: first of all, due to historical reasons (they were first hosted on and moved later to some of the tools are kown under different URLs, but they all redirect to the current address. The HTTP Analyzer (my only PR7) has three different addresses, which all have the same PR, as you can see above. So redirects will transfer your Pagerank as-is (after Google picks up the redirect, of course). All popular tools have the same PR6 as the root, whereas the more obscure ones still have a PR5. For new tools that I add, it takes at least a month for a PR to show up.

Flickr drilldown
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And what about that Flickr Pagerank? First of all, the Flickr homepage has a PR of 9, which is kinda REALLY high. One folder down, the photos pages, still has a PR8. Individual user URLs can have a PR from 0 (when they start, or when really no one is interested in the pictures) to PR5 (my photos) or even PR6 (the pictures of Stewart, one of the founders of Flickr). Individual pictures of mine have PR from 0 to 4. I’m sure there’s pictures of more famous photographers that rank even higher.
You can also see that the Flickr tag pages can also have high Pagerank. The tags “pforret”, probably only used by me, has a PR4, and the classic “Flickr: photos tagged with cat” has a PR7. Pussy power! drilldown
Pagerank drilldown:
I did the same exercise for Its homepage is ‘only’ PR8. Funny fact: while my ‘root’ user page only has PR3, individual tags of mine have PR4. This might be because my posts in this blog all have links to the tags, never to root page. The “popular” pages have a lot of success too: pageranks between 4 and 7. So if a site of yours ends up on the “popular links” page when the Google spiders pass by, you get a PR7 push in the back.

Make your own inventory
You want to check your own URLs? Use my brand new shiny Pagerank checker!

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