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I have been working a bit on Google Maps visualisations for my milonga.be tango site, to show an overview of all Belgian tango sites. I did it the following way:

  • I use Google Maps‘ “My Maps” to create a collection of pointers on a map. I called this map “milonga.be tango venues”. It’s not complete yet, but I have about 25 locations in it for the moment. I can easily link to this page so anyone can see it: Belgian tango venues.
  • But let’s say I want to embed it into a page. I could do it in-line (which would add a lot of JavaScript to the HTML) or use an inline frame (IFRAME). I decided to use the frame approach and build a generic KML visualizor.

Google Maps Visualizor

So how can you use it to show any KML/GeoRSS feed on your website?

  1. Go to the forret.com Google Maps visualizor tool
  2. Copy/paste the KML feed URL. Example 1: the KML link from Google Maps:
    Google Maps KML link
    Example 2: Flickr feeds also have a Flickr GeoRSS format which is compatible (now also KML).
  3. Choose the appropriate center point. Currently you have to copy/paste it from Google Maps or another application, I still have to add some interface magic to do it in the page.
  4. Press “Show!” and copy/paste the resulting IFRAME HTML code. Voila!

An example: Peter‘s KML feed of tango locations in Brussels.

So I am using Google’s “My maps” feature as my online map editor and KML generator, and the regular Google Maps as the visualisation tool. I’m a happy man!

10 thoughts on “Web tool: visualize on Google Maps”

  1. …its just that the centering within your tool doesn’t work here. I can enter the location just fine and the embedded version on my site works as intended, but not on your tool site?! odd.

  2. @ Damien & Daniel: there was a bug in my tool (faulty URLencoding) that created problems for inserting the coordinates. It’s fixed now!

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