Private repos on Laravel Forge: Spark and Mailcoach

I’m developing a new service and I’ve decided to go all-in on Laravel. Not only am I developing the application in Laravel, and using ready-made components like Laravel Spark (SaaS user management and payment) and Spatie Mailcoach (mailing server), I also deploy to DigitalOcean with Laravel Forge. At 12$/month (for the ‘Hobby’ plan), even if it saves me only 15 minutes of time every month, that’s already worth it.

Help de horeca:

België gaat door zijn tweede lockdown voor het ogenblik. Alle cafés en restaurants zijn gesloten, het enige wat de horeca nog kan doen om de kost te verdienen is afhaal en levering van maaltijden. Voor sommigen is dit de eerste keer dat ze dit moeten organiseren. Maar het is dat of niks verdienen, terwijl hun vaste kosten wel doorlopen.

Splashmark: easy Unsplash image markup on the command line (bash)

See this photo below? It was created with one, albeit rather long, command line:

setver: Package (semver) version management for bash/PHP/Node

When you’re creating software packages that will be used by other people, you need to get your versioning in order. For PHP libraries, this means: both the version number in composer.json as well as the git tag for Github/Bitbucket. For node.js projects, the version is kept by npm in package.json. It was always too easy to make small mistakes. So I decided to make a bash script <strong></strong> to manage it for me.

“Bashful Thinking”: a newsletter for bash scripting enthusiasts

I’ve decided to start a new email newsletter about my favourite tech topic: bash/shell scripting. It’s something I’ve become quite proficient in during the years, and I still discover new tricks, tools or applications every day. So I will bundle the best information nuggets in “#!/Bashful/Thinking“, a new weekly newsletter for bash enthusiasts. Get yours now!

Best way to upscale low resolution photos

I’ve been doing some remote shoots recently, as the photographer obviously, and I’ve mainly used FaceTime ‘Live photos’ for captures. The result of such a shoot is a series of .HEIC files (it’s an Apple thing). Each file is a combination of a low-res 3-second movie with a mid-res image file. The image file, which is the one that interests me, is a 716×1280 pixels heavily compressed one. This is not a lot of pixels to start with in Lightroom/Photoshop. I found that it is possible to upscale such an image to 400% (2864×5120), and use this new big image to comfortably do the post-processing. Let me show you the best way to upscale low resolution photos to high resolution!

Web services in the console (bash)

I spend a lot of my day in a terminal window, and I love automating stuff with bash scripts. Sometimes those scripts need to do perform actions based on external conditions: location (country), weather, bandwidth speed …

How to do a remote portrait photo shoot


QR Experiments: QR-ized photos

This is my 2nd QR Experiments post, also check the first one on QR Roulette!

QR Experiments: QRoulette

I started to do some QR code experiments recently and this is the first result of this: my animated QR code, ‘QR Roulette‘ or QRoulette.