Best way to upscale low resolution photos

I’ve been doing some remote shoots recently, as the photographer obviously, and I’ve mainly used FaceTime ‘Live photos’ for captures. The result of such a shoot is a series of .HEIC files (it’s an Apple thing). Each file is a combination of a low-res 3-second movie with a mid-res image file. The image file, which is the one that interests me, is a 716×1280 pixels heavily compressed one. This is not a lot of pixels to start with in Lightroom/Photoshop. I found that it is possible to upscale such an image to 400% (2864×5120), and use this new big image to comfortably do the post-processing. Let me show you the best way to upscale low resolution photos to high resolution!

Web services in the console (bash)

I spend a lot of my day in a terminal window, and I love automating stuff with bash scripts. Sometimes those scripts need to do perform actions based on external conditions: location (country), weather, bandwidth speed …

How to do a remote portrait photo shoot


QR Experiments: QR-ized photos

This is my 2nd QR Experiments post, also check the first one on QR Roulette!

QR Experiments: QRoulette

I started to do some QR code experiments recently and this is the first result of this: my animated QR code, ‘QR Roulette‘ or QRoulette.

Making the Pixel Movie Quiz

Imagemagick is a command-line tool to create and modify image files. It is an essential program if you want to work with media files (just like ffmpeg and sox). I have used it very often in my career and I still discover new applications. This blog post is about one of these experiments. How few pixels does one need to recognise a familiar/known image, in this case a movie poster? I created the Pixel Movie Quiz.

How to securely manage multiple WordPress blogs

Let’s say you are in my case: you manage multiple WordPress blogs on multiple servers for yourself, your friends, your family, your company, your customers. How do you keep them from being hacked or infected? How do you securely manage multiple WordPress blogs?

Easy site deployment on Gandi with git and gdeploy (bash)

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How to host a Laravel project on Gandi

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When the API returns an image

I see more and more Image-Response GET APIs. With this term I mean: the API is called with a GET URL, and the response is a (JPG/PNG/GIF/WEBP/SVG) image, either directly or after a redirect. So the API can be used through a simple <img src="[IMAGE GENERATING URL"> HTML tag. Let’s call these IMGSRCAPI‘s.