Adultery and secure documents

I get an email from CertiPost, a daughter company of the Belgacom/Belgian Post, that bears the title “You had an unwanted visitor last night“. When one clicks on the link, one has to give the name of one’s partner, best friend and favourite sport. The result is a somewhat customized movie about a wife who cheats on her husband, or actually, your wife cheating on you.

Who are the voices from The Simpsons?

Did you know that the voices from Homer Simpson, Grampa Abraham Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby, Sideshow Mel, Itchy and still half a dozen others are all done by the same man?

Yahoo! Pipes: Get-Remix-Deliver model

Yahoo! Pipes is an RSS mashup application from Yahoo. It allows you to merge, sort, filter and combine RSS feeds. Since it is primarily a remix/mashup application, I’ve tried to list its features in my Get-Mix-Deliver model:
Yahoo Pipes

You give out your passwords every day

If you’re allergic to acronyms, don’t read on. I’ve reached an all-time TLA/FLA density high in the following article!

Viral in the bad sense: MessengerChecker

I just received an email on my Hotmail account from someone that normally never contacts me. The email itself is clearly generated by an automatic process:

Shades of purple

Have you ever gotten into a discussion with a woman on colors? It seems that, while some people have ‘absolute hearing’ (pinpoint any frequency to the right note), there is also a kind of ‘absolute color perception’, and women seem more often blessed with it. While us men have the habit of calling anything with a red/blue mix ‘purple’, life is actually not that simple. There are many shades of purple: violet, mauve, orchid and half a dozen variations on those.

To upsize a picture, use the B-spline algorithm

If you take a low-res picture, and you want to blow it up to a higher size, there are different algorithms to do the calculation of all those new pixels. I talked about this earlier in “How to upsize an image“. I went a bit further now and took a 100×100 pixels detail of a Roos Van Acker picture by Filip Naudts and enlarged it five times: to 500×500. The tool I use, Irfanview, has 6 algorithms to do resize:
Upsize picture from 100x100 to 500x500

Paypal-ready shops in Benelux?

Imagine one would have a certain amount of money on one’s Paypal account, and one would like to spend that on hardware or other physical goods. Let’s now limit that to shops active in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. What are your options? Well, not a lot, it appears.

French hospitality

French hospitality #1

My own Pagerank inventory

Roos Van AckerWhen I search for Roos Van Acker (in the Google sense of searching), I have 2 sites that show up in the top results: a blog post of mine and the Flickr picture you see at the right. My blog has a Pagerank 6, so that explains why it can score high in searches, but I was sometimes surprised when my Flickr pictures showed up high in Google results; until I noticed that my Flickr stream also had a Pagerank 5. So maybe I had more PR firepower that I suspected. I decided to make an inventory of all sites under my control and see how high their PR is: my Pagerank inventory.
(for more info on Pagerank, check and wikipedia. In short: Google gives each page a ‘weight’ or importance indicator called Pagerank. Pagerank 4 (PR4 in short) is OK, PR7 is kinda hard to get (right, Bart?), PR9 is only for sites like and, and PR10 is the absolute maximum (the only site I know with a PR10 is