Dream turned to nightmare

You might have noticed the last couple of days that my blog (and some other of the dozen sites I run) was not always available. You might have experienced time-outs and Error 500 messages. I apologize for that. Let me give you a brief overview of what I went through between last Friday and now.

Ghost Rider: fire and cleavage

Eva Mendes I wanted to see a movie this weekend and when I discovered at the counter that my first choice “Night at the museum” was dubbed in French, the only other option was “Ghost Rider“. That’s how I ended up in a movie that I actually hadn’t planned on seeing. The movie features Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes and can be summarized in two words: fire and cleavage. Cage plays a Marvel Comics superhero on a seriously pimped up bike, who’s main characteristics would be superforce, a really low voice and being on fire. Mendes plays the girlfriend, with seriously pimped up boobs.

Barcamp Brussels #3: May 5th in the Marolles!

It has been decided, the bullet is through the church (*)!
Barcamp Brussels#3 will take place on Saturday May 5th at the Halles Des Tanneurs, the renovated Wine Palace right in the Brussels Marolles!

Hollywood movie studios

I see a lot of movies, and that means that for me some names of Hollywood studios are household names. Still, ever since reading “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls“, I’m also curious about the stories behind those companies: who started them, what kind of movies did they make in the past. Some of that information can be found on Wikipedia. Here’s a first batch (I’ve not included the really big ones like MGM, Paramount, just some of the ‘smaller’ names I recognize):
Hollywood studios

Pipes + SQL = Structured Web Query Language

Let’s remix 2 original observations:

Adultery and secure documents

I get an email from CertiPost, a daughter company of the Belgacom/Belgian Post, that bears the title “You had an unwanted visitor last night“. When one clicks on the link, one has to give the name of one’s partner, best friend and favourite sport. The result is a somewhat customized movie about a wife who cheats on her husband, or actually, your wife cheating on you.

Who are the voices from The Simpsons?

Did you know that the voices from Homer Simpson, Grampa Abraham Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby, Sideshow Mel, Itchy and still half a dozen others are all done by the same man?

Yahoo! Pipes: Get-Remix-Deliver model

Yahoo! Pipes is an RSS mashup application from Yahoo. It allows you to merge, sort, filter and combine RSS feeds. Since it is primarily a remix/mashup application, I’ve tried to list its features in my Get-Mix-Deliver model:
Yahoo Pipes

You give out your passwords every day

If you’re allergic to acronyms, don’t read on. I’ve reached an all-time TLA/FLA density high in the following article!

Viral in the bad sense: MessengerChecker

I just received an email on my Hotmail account from someone that normally never contacts me. The email itself is clearly generated by an automatic process: