.eu domain speculation

When the .eu domains became available to the general public, I decided I did not want forret.eu. That means that the domain was available to be grabbed by someone else, and indeed it has been. I received the following email today:
.EU domains businessmodel
This has all the professional charm of the mafia offering “protection”. The guy hides behind the Gmail of Luxembourg, kmail.lu . A DNS search shows me that KJ stands for Kurt Janusch from G-1 Ltd, 175-177 Newland Avenue, HU5 2EP, Hull UK. His name also shows up in a Eurid dispute (Eurid is the registrar that manages the .eu domains), but with an address in Germany. In another dispute with Altova, he is considered to have registered a domain name “without rights or legitimate interest in the name and in bad faith”.

MRTG data in XML format

Get ready for a lot of acronyms in this post: “How to create a good XML-based API for MRTG sensor data”.

Popurls: why I like Reddit and Del.icio.us better than Digg

A site I use often to keep a view on “what’s happening” is popurls.com. It show lots of links, pictures and videos (Flickr, Youtube, iFilm, Wired …) but the part I use most is the top of the page: the 20 new hot links from the social bookmarking sites Digg, del.icio.us and Reddit.

Lots of New Year’s pictures

Lots of people have been taking pictures on New Year and this clearly shows in the stats of incoming pictures at two major photo hosting sites: Flickr and Smugmug.
Flickr reached a peak of nearly 100.000 pictures/hour (97.1 k#/h) and Smugmug a quarter of that (22.7 k#/h). That is 50% to 100% more than regular days.

Countdown to no smoking

Just in case you forgot: less than a dozen days to go before the smoking ban in Belgian restaurants. What was only possible in places like the AB resto or Bar Bik, will then be the norm: no one spoiling your food with cigarette smoke!
smoking countdown
Follow the countdown here!

LeWeb3: the Babel effect

I went to see the movie “Babel” recently, and I liked it a lot. At some point I was asked “what is it about?” The best I could come up with is “bad judgement”. If you still plan on seeing the movie, skip the next paragraph (spoiler).

There are no Flash websites

Never say “we have a Flash website”; there is no such thing. You might say: we have a website and it features, amongst a lot of relevant information in HTML pages, a Flash movie and/or application. You might say: we did buy a domain and we decided that a real website would be too accessible for our customers, so it only has a Flash blob on the ‘homepage’.

LeWeb3 is actually “Loic for president”

For some reason this “web” conference has been transformed into a political rally.

Off to LeWeb3

I’m leaving for Paris with Clo and Fre to attend the LeWeb3 conference. We will be joined by a whole bunch of Belgians: Bart, Kris, Maarten, Luc, Robin
2 days of networking, schmoozing and lots of good food (at least, that’s what we hope!)

Megapixel myth nuances

What’s the value of more megapixels? Is 10 megapixels better than 5? Here are some articles stating the opposite: