Digital cinema advertising and me

Najwa Nimri - Paz Vega
Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, might have seen some posts on “digital cinema“. I have been researching the topic for more than a year now. And for a reason, of course: it seemed like the right kind of business for me, at the right moment (i.e. the really early days). And well, now I’ve actually found a way to make it into my day-time job.

Mark King plays a mean bass

Mark KingOK, this post will give away my age: I went to a Level 42 concert. For those of you born after 1980: Level 42 was quite popular between ‘81 and ‘88. They make music that can be described as funky pop. Their lead singer, Mark King, is also a bass guitar pop-n-slap virtuoso. Up til that moment, bass acrobatics could mostly be found in jazz circles: Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and (more recently) Victor Wooten. Mark King not only took the technique to a mainstream audience, the guy actually sang while doing amazing stuff on the bass.

The popular Canon 400D

Canon 400D

Yahoo should sell Flickr to Google

Picasa: export to Flickr

Babel: Japanese “September” remix

Babel: japanese girl
Babel” links up three stories on three continents in a clever way. Mexican director Iñárritu has probably made one of the best movies of 2006. I’m not gonna tell anything more about the plot (but girls: it features Brad Pitt and Gael García Bernal). Just go and see it!

Thalys to Amsterdam is way too slow

In 1987 it was decided that a high-speed train connection between Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Köln would be built. Ten years later, the Thalys train already achieves a travel time of 1h25 to Paris (over 200km/h). So the Thalys is this High-Speed-Train? Well, not always, as I experienced recently. While travelling to Paris is fast enough for daily commute, the train to Amsterdam is even slower than driving.

LeWeb3: a dozen Belgians in Paris


Big bazooka: XL Gaming @ Kinepolis

Kinepolis XL-GamingThat 24″ screen not big enough for you? Now you can a rent a movie theatre for a half hour to play Playstation games on the big screen in Kinepolis Brugge.

Import Excel into Google Spreadsheets

This is the first time I noticed this: an email in my Gmail with Excel attachments offers me the option to view the document in Google Spreadsheets.
Webbased Excel on Google Spreadsheets

Mobile etiquette: Caller ID

On the Internet no one knows you're a dog
photo by uncle buck