Barcamp Brussels #2: on Sunday Sept 24th

Skynet lounge

The Five Factor Personality Profile

Brussels’ traffic is kinda safe

Imagine my amazement: when processing the numbers from the Belgian traffic accidents in 2005 (statbel), Brussels turns out to be a lot safer than one would suspect. Or let’s just say: there’s worse:

Netgear SC101: crappy storage

UPDATE: also read my post about testing the Netgear ReadyNAS (it doesn’t suck)
Storage porn

How to visualize a timeline

I am working on a timeline of animation movies: specifically to see when Disney started to fade and Pixar/Dreamworks took over. What films were made when, who made them and in what way do they coincide with activities of e.g. Steve Jobs. Oh, and to see where that new contender, Blue Sky Studios (“Ice Age”) fits in.

Trackback wizard for Blogger users

Trackbacks are a good way to alert other bloggers that you citing them on your blog. It also helps to drive traffic to your own site (if your comment was insightful or tempting).
Unfortunately, some blog hosts like Blogger, Skynetblogs do not automatically send a trackback ping to all the blog URLs in your blog post. So how do you send such a trackback from your site to other blogs (provided they support receiving them, obviously)?

Owner of the “Amen Break”

I (used to) have a blog called Sample Spotters that talks about whose songs have been sampled by whom. With the help of sites like and, I make a list of an artist’s songs and where they were used: e.g. Roy Ayers, Patrice Rushen or Labi Siffre. I also did it the other way round once (what songs were sampled BY George Michael), and for some pivotal songs, I dedicated a whole blog post to just 1 song: Funky Drummer and the “Amen Break”.

Google and Perfect10: DMCA at its best

While searching for something really innocent on Google (honestly!), I got the following warning:
Google DMCA warning: OMG

First RubyOnRails seminar @ I.T.Works

RubyOnRailsI.T.Works, one of Belgiums leading technical training organisers, has cooked up its first RubyOnRails seminar on Thursday July 6th. Alain Ravet and Werner Ramaekers, both experienced Rails developers, will talk about the advantages of this application development framework.

More fun with Myers-Briggs

I’ve been reading quitea lot on Myers-Briggs for my previous post “Myers-Briggs typology“, and some of it is too good not to post it here, so here is my second MBTI post! I’ve also made an new MBTI web tool for my web tools collection, that you can use to quickly check the facts for each type.