Youtube bandwidth: terabytes per day

Youtube (Blogpulse)
Youtube seems to be losing some of its early adopters: Coolz0r quits the service, while Nathan even embarks on a grassroots activism mission to ruin the company (by getting its most popular uploaders banned – I have mixed feelings about that one). The issue is: to protect themselves from lawsuits, Youtube is taking the approach of deleting videos and even users upon first suspicion of (copyright) problems. They already received an ultimatum from NBC in Feb, then a proof to Jason Calacanis that it was ‘not a real business‘.

Play us a slow song

I remember when I started DJ’ing and going to parties (that would be the previous century, yes) that we used to have this whole ‘slow-dancing’ routine. Every couple of hours the DJ would play ‘La Bamba‘, sweaty teenagers would check each other out for a quick dance and a stolen kiss (on the cheek), and then there would be 3 to 5 ballads, or ‘slows’. Fifteen minutes of one boy slow-dancing with one girl. For those of you who have never done that: with the right kind of partner it is awesome.

100 essential movies

Jim Emerson has listed the 100 movies (103 actually) one should have seen to form an opinion about film
grace kelly

Click to hear the MP3 (playlist)

More than a year ago, I wrote an piece on Playing mp3 with an embedded Flash player. Things change quickly in this area, so it’s time for an update.

Adsense: The long tail of spare change

Google dollars

Emma, Marie and Julie

I found some data on the first names parents gave their children in 2004 (data from It should come as no surprise that passe-partout names (used in both Dutch and French) dominate the first names hitparade.

Barcamp Brussels: less than a month to go

Some more details on the Barcamp event of May 20th:

Blogcom Antwerp – pings and comments

lichtgeraaktBlogcom in Antwerp was exactly what I had hoped it would be: an interesting mix of old acquaintances and new faces and lots of fun conversations. The event was organised by Jeroen and some 50 bloggers showed up. No speeches, but lots of mingling and chatting. We’ll have to remember that for the next Brussels blogger’s meeting.

Pleasure from da bass – memorable bass lines

Peaches arrivesWent to a DJ-set (Peaches @ Mirano/Dirty Dancing) yesterday and was not too impressed with the DJ skills of Peaches. Yes, she knew what kind of hard pumping electro the audience wanted to hear, but she couldn’t beatmix if her life depended on it. Lady Jane who played before her, now that’s a real DJ, and a cool chick too (as Ine and D&tC would probably agree).

Bluehost vs Dreamhost

As you might have read in my Migrating to WordPress article, I am now the proud owner of both a Bluehost and Dreamhost account. These two shared hosting providers have similar strong offerings for a similar low price, but they’re nevertheless different. Let’s compare both: