Together facing the new totalitarianism

A number of influential international writers, journalists and intellectuals have just released a manifesto: “Together facing the new totalitarianism”, stating that we need to protect the universal rights (freedom of expression, equality of man and woman, …) from attacks by militant muslims.

Lalalover: troubles and fights

It’s been a while since I was really pleasantly surprised by a new Belgian group (Moiano comes to mind) but it just happened again. I was humming along to the little pearl “Troubles and Fights” by Lalalover“Wow, who’s that?” – and then I find out it’s a Belgian group started by Tom Kestens – former multi-instrumentalist with das pop.

When (if) Spring comes, these are its Pantone colors

According to Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, blue dominated the palette, with three shades – Deep Ultramarine, Skyway and Blue Tint – placing in the top 10
from Pantone website

Ancienne Belgique rocks

I’m in the restaurant of the Ancienne Belgique and it’s only a few steps away from heaven:

ShockAbsorber: Baywatch and science

Joey from “Friends“, as we all know, is very interested in bio-mechanics, certainly the topic of female movement on beaches:

Black Eyed Peas: lose da humps

'Lose Da Humps'This song has bothered me from the first time I heard it:

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress 2.0

Ever since I saw the new ‘import from Blogger’ functionality in WordPress 2.0, I’ve known I would eventually migrate my main blog. Blogger is a great way to start blogging , but I want categories, easy template updating (without republish) and all the WordPress plug-in sweetness. As a dress rehearsal, I migrated my Dutch poetry blog first: Zo helpt Poezie ….

The Next German Top Model will be thin

The ‘top model’ Heidi Klum presents a TV show: Germany’s Next Top Model, basically a contest for a bunch of girls who want to become a top model (date actors, eat carrots, spend hours getting your hair done, dress lightly and get paid a whole lot of money while doing that). Recently one of the candidates was dismissed and the reasons were somewhat controversial:

Broadband in Brussels

(post seems to have disappeared when I migrated to WordPress
I have what is proving to be an expensive habit: I’m subscribed to over 30 podcasts (including e.g. Diggnation at 300MB/week), I regularly download software to try out, I use BitTorrent on a regular basis, I buy stuff on iTunes. All that adds up to more than my allowance my ISP subscription gives me (20GB per month). Most of the months I pay an extra €8 per 10GB.

The RIAA shoots itself in the foot again

Image by FactoryJoe