Jobs announces Podcasts in iTunes

If this is true, it could change the landscape for podcasting significantly: Apple is jumping on the podcast wagon:

La Gamba Sinistra: italian tango

I just spent a wonderful five days on a tango course in Italy. Life at the Abano Ritz (Abano Terme, near Venice) is quite enjoyable, and the teachers Marisa & Oliver and Birkit & Muzaffer were excellent.

Installing NTP (time synchronisation)

Set timezone (optional)
create symbolical link from /usr/share/zoneinfo/... to /etc/localtime:
ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Brussels /etc/localtime

REQ: Live mashup performance tool

I have an idea for a software that I would love to use to do live mashup performances. It’s based on experiences I’ve had with different types of software and hardware tools, but none has the exact functionality I’m looking for. The inspiration I got comes from different sources:

Old-style Nigerian scam: via fax

Amazing: I just got my first Nigerian (419) scam via FAX! In these days of practically free email sending, you have to admire someone who goes the extra mile and pays for sending faxes. A handwritten letter would have made me feel even more special, but it’s a start.

Know Your (Metric) Limits

From Wired – July 2004:

Instant Ken and Barbie: Melanotan to the rescue

Googlistics: messing with the big “G”

He probably also first thought it was an April’s Fool joke:
Matt Mullenweg from WordPress was discovered to have used his PageRank 8 site (WordPress is a popular open-source blogging software) for hosting lots of irrelevant content, with the purpose to get high scores in Google rankings and (let a customer of his) make money on Google Adsense.

Removal of Serflog/Sumom worm

My little niece had been trying for a while now to send me through MSN Messenger a picture called “How a Blonde Eats a Banana”. My reaction was, as any one’s should be: don’t know what she’s sending, nor why, there’s no prior conversation, no context, no nothing: I did not accept it. But I did not think further about it. A couple of days later I found that a) the girl’s computer had a virus, b) the virus eagerly tried to infect other PCs via Messenger, and c) had succesfully accomplished that task in several cases. One of the victims handed over his PC to me (being the family geek and all). Since it was a nasty worm, and it took me some time to disable it, here is the procedure to follow:

iTunes and ID3 tags

I have a Sony MP-40 car radio that reads CDs with MP3 files. However, since I started using iTunes to create my MP3 CDs, I sometimes seem to lose the ID3 tags (Title/ Artist/ Album). I now know why: iTunes writes ID3v2 tags, and the Sony only handles ID3v1 (MP40 PDF).
Main differences: