Redhat versions: what am I running?

If you manage multiple RedHat servers, or if you just stumble on a Linux server, and you have no idea what kind of machine it is, nor what the version of the OS is, try the following commands:

Casablanca: here’s looking at you

Well there’s a reputation well earned: Casablanca is one of the best films I’ve seen recently. I know it’s been out for a while (it was released in 1942) but I only bought the DVD last weekend. Great cast (Bogart as cool as a three-star freezer), strong script (Bergman torn between the two loves of her life, and then some WWII thrown in), and superb dialogues.

Intelligence is the mind’s worst enemy

If you’re interested in high level conversations on a wide range of topics, check out Their motto: To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.
There’s fascinating stuff about quantum computing and black swan dynamics, but a piece in the last publication jumped out, a discussion on ‘A self worth having’:

Google is listening: searching audio

There are rumours that Google would be rolling out search functionality for audio files. It is true that currently no sound files (.wav, .mp3, .wma, .mov, .ogg, …) files can be found by Google’s “normal search”, except for the odd mis-indexed mp3 file.
Multimedia search is a fascinating topic, let’s talk about audio for a moment:

Adobe authors Digital Negative (DNG) standard

Adobe has developed a new format for ‘raw’ camera files, called Digital Negative.
The DNG specifications (PDF) uses the following arguments for its existence:

I remember house before it was techno

I remember house before it was techno
I remember house before it had an afro
I remember house before it was deep
I remember house before it was hard
I remember house when house had tempos
I remember house before mpc 60’s
I remember house before house had loops
I remember house before the whole world knew
“Do You Remember House” – Blaze

The last pinguin to drink coffee

Kevin Cornell is an illustrator from Philadelphia and has published his BearSkinRug sketchbook #1 on the web.

Japanese lesson in Rock ‘n Roll

Japanese Rock 'n Roll (Prodikeys)
Nothing like an enthusiastic engineer to sell a home entertainment keyboard.
A commercial for the Creative ‘Prodikeys’ product (music and ‘normal’ keyboard in one) features an archetypical Japanese sales guy teaching us how to play rock ‘n roll drums on a MIDI keyboard. This is not the best way to play drums, and he adequately proves this point.

Blogs and Wikis: how about a bliki? is awesome. Who would have thought that building a knowledge system based on voluntary contributions from just about anyone who wants to, would work?

Top Ten Smelly Celebrities

A friend told me about an off-the-record list of celebrities with unpleasant body odor, where Brad Pitt supposedly featured as #3. Some Googling later, I found out Brad has moved up to #1! Here is the list as compiled in May 2004 by Mikael Jagerbrand: