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Geen ongewenste reclame

Je krijgt op een jaar nogal wat direct-in-de-papierbak reclame binnen. Ik ben in mijn gemeente (Grimbergen) op zoek gegaan naar de “Geen Reclame” sticker, maar zowel het postkantoor als het gemeentehuis konden me niet verder helpen. Ik heb dan maar… Continue Reading →

Is Backify (512GB backup for free) also for real?

UPDATE 16 Nov 2011: Message from Backify: Dear Peter Forret, First of all, we would like to thank you for using Backify. We hope you really liked our service and enjoyed using it. We regret to inform you that we… Continue Reading →

Mastika Peshtera

I went to Bulgaria in August, and one of the things I remarked there is that standards for advertising are somewhat different over there. One of the champions is Mastika Peshtera (“Мастика Пещера” –  a.k.a. ‘the Bulgarian afrodisiac‘). They use… Continue Reading →

Twitter spammers: Clickbank/Keynetics affiliates

I’ve been experimenting with Twitter a couple of times, and one of the results, the FM Brussel Live playlist twitter bot, seems to be rather popular. I get a couple of subscriptions per day. But recently they’re almost all of the… Continue Reading →

Procreate to win a car

I’m getting old, I guess. This ad campaign annoys me. For those who don’t understand Dutch: if you take a Dodge Journey for a test-drive on the Father’s Day weekend, and make a baby on the back seat, then you… Continue Reading →

TVH likes women

I was born near Roeselare, in West-Vlaanderen, and every now and then I go back to my roots. I drive over Gent and Kortrijk and on the way I’m always curious to see what kind of advertising the guys from… Continue Reading →

Dude madness

Ief points me to Budweiser’s Dude Madness, the new campaign for Budweiser Lite. One of my best friends always calls me ‘dude’, so I’m familiar with the dozens of intonations and innuendos that can be communicated through it. Test your dudeness,… Continue Reading →

Fight for kisses

Fight for Kisses ‘Look who’s talking’ meets ‘The Matrix’ meets ‘Chucky’: a funny spot for Wilkinson Quattro. Responsables annonceur : Eric Oriot, Catherine Brandenberger et Stéphane Rosen Responsables agence : Florent Sallard, Chloé Larmurier et Cyrine Boussena Responsable innovation :… Continue Reading →

The Good Wife’s Guide

This is how women were advised to behave as a perfect spouse in 1955. The Good Wife’s Guide (1955) (Flickr) Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one… Continue Reading →

Equal Pay Day

That time of the month … Equal Pay Day

Adultery and secure documents

I get an email from CertiPost, a daughter company of the Belgacom/Belgian Post, that bears the title “You had an unwanted visitor last night“. When one clicks on the link, one has to give the name of one’s partner, best… Continue Reading →

There are no Flash websites

Never say “we have a Flash website”; there is no such thing. You might say: we have a website and it features, amongst a lot of relevant information in HTML pages, a Flash movie and/or application. You might say: we… Continue Reading →

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