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TV Show scoring: the decline of True Blood

I got the DVDs of the 3 True Blood seasons for Christmas and when I started watching , I really got into it. Sookie is adorable, Jason is charming with a low IQ (and strongly resembles George W), there’s the interesting… Continue Reading →

TV Tip: Californication

Since I have a lot of time on my hands, with my pneumonia and all, I started looking at TV series I hadn’t seen yet. I borrowed the Sopranos DVDs, but I also tried out some ‘alternative distribution’ series. Supernatural… Continue Reading →

Fight for kisses

Fight for Kisses ‘Look who’s talking’ meets ‘The Matrix’ meets ‘Chucky’: a funny spot for Wilkinson Quattro. Responsables annonceur : Eric Oriot, Catherine Brandenberger et Stéphane Rosen Responsables agence : Florent Sallard, Chloé Larmurier et Cyrine Boussena Responsable innovation :… Continue Reading →

Coditel digital television

Some remarks on the Coditel digital television system that I have been using for the last two weeks: Way too many useless channels I could now watch channels like Nile TV, Qatar TV and Al Jazeera for Kids. But no… Continue Reading →

Parelvissers: de laatste aflevering

Binnen enkele uren: de laatste aflevering Wat kunnen we afleiden uit de trailer? de sfeer wordt grimmiger er wordt redelijk wat afgebleit ze gaan de kelder onderzoeken iemand stuurt een sms dat ie afkomt We wachten vol spanning af!

Google moving into Interactive TV

Google is looking for a “Product Manager – Interactive TV”: In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google’s search and advertising technologies to enhance users’ Television viewing experience. (…) These… Continue Reading →

Big Brother and the Pfaffs: the end of reality TV, please

Yesterday, while waiting for the Parelvissers to start on één, my zapping pattern made me stumble upon Big Brother: some ‘grown-ups’ were fishing rubber ducks out of a pool with forced enthusiasm De Pfaffs: 2 ‘grown-up’ men couldn’t work out… Continue Reading →

Parelvissers aflevering 5 komt er aan

De omerta tussen Guido, Dick en Xavier staat op springen, lijkt het. En is Lucas niet met Piet zijn voeten aan het rammelen. Als er maar niks gebeurt met ons Anneke (de promiscue trees). Kijken nu zondag!

Roos Van Acker’s brain

I cannot say I felt nothing when I saw the latest Humo cover. It started with “Mmmmm … Roos Van Acker” (I’m a guy, what can I say, I’m not alone in this). But then my rational side took over…. Continue Reading →

Guys and head bands

Small rant ahead: One of Flanders’ fine actors, Peter Van Asbroeck, has let his hair grow. Way too long. And to make sure he doesn’t get any between his teeth, he has resorted to wearing a head band. Not a… Continue Reading →

Who knows a spam pigeon?

I wrote about the economics of spam earlier: P$ = [N * (I% * S% * W% * B% * M$)] – (N * E$) – (L% * C% * R$) where P$ = profit, bottom-line N = number of… Continue Reading →

Parelvissers aflevering 4 komt uit de kast

Het kan aan mij liggen, maar ik denk dat er in aflevering 4 veel uit de kast gaan komen: Mr Y: Guido, da is toch nen homo, he? … An: Hebde gulle da nooit meegemaakt dat iets nie kan of… Continue Reading →

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