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GDPR Plugins for WordPress

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) jumps into action on 25 May 2018. This has a lot of implications for every company in Europe, but also worldwide. And what does it mean for us, owners of a WordPress blog? What… Continue Reading →

How to add Cloudflare SSL to a WordPress website

Why SSL? Google Search and Google Chrome are making it more and more unattractive to still have an HTTP (insecure) website, and are pushing publishers to go “HTTPS Always & Everywhere“. Offering HTTPS used to require an expensive SSL certificate,… Continue Reading →

The sneaky shall inherit the earth

“Wie niet waagt, blijft maagd”, as they say over here. This guy promises to ask his spam buddies to stop comment-spamming, als long as you putĀ a link to his site. A while ago, he used to promise only “If you… Continue Reading →

K2 Sidebar modules vs. widgets

I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress recently, and in the process my K2 Sidebar modules were deleted because now WordPress has ‘widgets’ built in. Having used both systems for a while, I can only conclude: it’s a big… Continue Reading →

Test your karma early in the morning

The “WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin”“: if it works flawlessly (like when I used it on, an amazing tool! It upgrades your WordPress installation to the latest version, while taking a backup of files and database, and disables your plugins… Continue Reading →

url.rewrite for WordPress on Lighttpd

This blog now runs on a Lighttpd (Lighty) webserver instead of Apache, and this means the configuration for ‘pretty URLs’ or permalinks of WordPress doesn’t work like it used to. (As you might have noticed, I use permalinks like /2007/02/this-is-permalink/)… Continue Reading →

Create your own WordPress plugin

Wordpress has a really nifty system for adding functionality: the WP plugins. There are a ton of them around, but if you have some knowledge of SQL and PHP you can make your own plugins! You of course have to… Continue Reading →

My 10 essential WordPress plugins

Since I’ve been doing quite a lot of WordPress blog upgrading recently, I’ve been diving into its plugins a lot. There are lots of them around and I have grown a liking to some of them. Here’s a list of… Continue Reading →

WP-Cache speeds up your WordPress!

Ever wondered if you needed a caching plugin for your WordPress blog? You have the impression your blog’s homepage takes forever to load? You hate it when your friends call your blog ‘interesting, but so slow’? Well, I did, so… Continue Reading →

Fancy WordPress themes on Dreamhost

It used to be that when you installed WordPress on Dreamhost, you only got 3 standard themes installed. Now you get a whopping 50: 2exquisite, 534, Abstrakt3c, Almost-spring, Artsemerging, Barthelme, Blue Kino, Classic, Connections-reloaded, Craving4green, Dapit_hapon, Darknight2.0, Daydream, Default, Disconnected,… Continue Reading →

Migration to WordPress: me vs Murphy

Some of you might have noticed my recent domain dance: to to and back. You might ask yourself the questions: why was that necessary, couldn’t he have done it in a smoother way and why did it… Continue Reading →

Blogger snafu: emergency migration to WordPress

One of the reasons why I have been posting less the last couple of days, is because I was working on a migration from Blogger to WordPress. I was still working out some DNS stuff (don’t let me get into… Continue Reading →

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