Point and shoot badly

Luciano Supervieille I went to the concert of Bajofondo Tango Club in Brugge last Friday. Of course I took my Canon 350D along and shot a lot of pictures. I never use a flash for concert pictures, certainly not since I started using a 50mm f/1.8 and I can grab quite a lot of light with it. I usually use ‘Aperture priority’ mode (with aperture on 1.8, obviously) and use the automatic focus, because I’m not good enough at doing that manually. You sometimes have to wait for the right podium lights to go on, include some light spots in the frame so that your camera uses a shorter shutter but above all, you have to be lucky.

Test your karma early in the morning

The “WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin”“: if it works flawlessly (like when I used it on video.forret.com), an amazing tool! It upgrades your WordPress installation to the latest version, while taking a backup of files and database, and disables your plugins right before and re-enables them right after.

My City, Your city: Brussels

Because Ine asked me nicely:
Apple Martini

Arno on the Francofolies

Arno and his deep-philosophical reflections on life, music and being paid.

(Interview on RTBF about the Francofolies festival)

LG KU-800: have low expectations

LG KU800 phone Because the posts on disappointing hardware are very popular on my blog (e.g. Netgear storage and Lexmark printer), I’d like to write about a device that also should be avoided: the LG KU800 GSM. The KU800 is the Vodafone version of the KG800, which is sold in Belgium by Proximus (239€).

Web tool: visualize on Google Maps

I have been working a bit on Google Maps visualisations for my milonga.be tango site, to show an overview of all Belgian tango sites. I did it the following way:

The Good Wife’s Guide

This is how women were advised to behave as a perfect spouse in 1955.

Redirecting with Apache’s .htaccess

When you migrate web sites from one place to another, and the URLS change, you don’t want to lose visitors that still use the old links. If your ‘old’ website ran on Apache, you can use its mod_alias/mod_rewrite functionality to automatically redirect to the new URL. This involves adding redirect rules to the .htaccess file in the base folder of the redirects. Some examples:

“Living photographs” by Andrew Mole

I just discovered a really neat online publication: Cabinet Magazine. Here follows one of their articles, on Andrew Mole, a American photographer of the early 20th century. Kind of a Spencer Tunick, with a patriotic message and way more clothes (uniforms, actually).
Living Portrait of President Woodrow Wilson

My first Facebook spam

The Belgian Facebook community is growing and I was expecting to have a first ‘spam’ invitation eventually. It came a couple of days ago, from a group that goes by the name “In Loving Memory of Juliane Angel”. It seems to be created by a guy in rememberance of a girl that died some time ago (Juliane Angel). Even if this sad story is not a marketing ploy (which I don’t think it is), the invitations are still ‘unsollicited’. Whether they are ‘commercial’ is hard to say now, that might only become apparent when there are enough members (only two for the moment).