Whisher: exchange passwords to share Wifi

There are different scenarios that enable people to share their Wifi. FON uses customer Wifi routers, Wifidog/OpenWRT uses custom server machines (PCs), and Whisher has a an interesting alternative: they aggregate Wifi passwords. You install an local application that you communicate the WEP/WPA key of your Wifi router to. This application will communicate this to the central Whisher service and give it to other clients when required. The other users do not see the actual key, it’s their application that does the login. Their mapping page seems to be broken, so it’s hard to tell how many Whisher-compatible access points there are in Belgium.

Pimp your laptop: Apple vs Dell

Imagine you can walk up to your favourite hardware store and tell the guy: “Give me the biggest, fastest, meanest laptop you have. Money is no issue”.

One continuous line movie

This is the video to “In Context” by Field Music. It’s just a hand drawing a really long line on a white background, but it’s worth watching until the end.
(via infosthetics.com)

New beta YouTube layout

This is what a YouTube clip page looks like now:
YouTube layout: now

What American accent do you have?

The Barcamp video saga: background

I’ve had a number of requests from attendees of the Barcamp Brussels 3 event. “The speeches were recorded on Nokia N95 phones, right? How come we haven’t seen them yet on Youtube/Google? What’s taking so long?” Well, here’s the answer.

The godfather of disco

I got an email from Gene Graham, who has just finished his first full-length documentary on the early days of Disco. Me being a fan of house and disco music, that is one movie I’d like to see!

Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen Legacy edition

This week in my newspaper: there’s a re-issue of the fabulous “Steve McQueen” album (1985) by Prefab Sprout. Prefab Sprout is: songwriter Paddy McAloon on vocals, guitars, keyboards, Martin McAloon on bass, Wendy Smith on backing vocals, guitars, Neil Conti on drums. It was one of the first vinyl records I ever bought and certainly one of the best. The quality of the album might have something to do with the producer: Thomas Dolby.

Plan your alcohol consumption

Wine - by katiew I was talking to a doctor friend about cholesterol and stuff and he mentioned some interesting facts about alcohol: drinking up to 2 units of alcohol per day is good for your health. The numbers I find on the New England Journal of Medicine site are somewhat smaller (1 unit per day) but the effect is proven:

Your Twitter Quotient (TQ)

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