Dreamhost has better performance now

Ine mentions that Dreamhost has become a more reliable hoster. I am actually tracking Dreamhost performance, and I can only agree.

A picture a day: Flickr’s storage growth

Just how many pictures does Flickr receive every day? I found a way to estimate the # of images that they add to their database, and another way to get average (original) file sizes for those images. The result? Their storage growth, i.e. their upload bandwidth, and the growth rate of their storage system (how many days to reach a terabyte?)

Being multilingual in Belgium

Who doesn’t like a good controversy? The Belgian government statistics site has just released a study on language knowledge in Belgium. This study has numbers for Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia separately. Let’s take a look:

Helping Martin Luther King, Jr. a hand

Martin Luther King

Pixar, Dreamworks … : synchronized imagination

One wonders if, next to the departments Marketing and Human Resources, there are a number of offices marked “Industrial espionage” in the studios of Pixar, Dreamworks and other animation houses. It could be a coincidence, but they seem to do the same kind of movies at the same time:

Coditel digital television

Some remarks on the Coditel digital television system that I have been using for the last two weeks:

HD – 720p, 1080i and 1080p

After a conversation with Ine on HD formats (1080i vs. 1080p), I researched the topic a bit further. Let me resume some of the things I have learned up till now:
HD quality: 720p and 1080i

WP-Cache speeds up your WordPress!

Ever wondered if you needed a caching plugin for your WordPress blog? You have the impression your blog’s homepage takes forever to load? You hate it when your friends call your blog ‘interesting, but so slow’?

Barcamp Brussels: this Sunday!

Five more days to go! Some more tips for those of you who are attending Barcamp Brussels on Sunday:

Fancy WordPress themes on Dreamhost

new WordPress themes on Dreamhost