Myers-Briggs typology: I’m an ENFP


Estimating real-time traffic speed

— This is a post from 2006. Back then, there was no Google Maps, no Waze, no iPhone, no mobile data —

On the origin of speeches

If you were wondering why I posted so little this week: I was collecting presentations, sorting through pictures (Flickr and Lifeblogger) and movies (Google video and Dailymotion) and posting the reviews of the Barcamp topics. The collection is still not complete (let’s say that I’m at 70%), but I’m still waiting on feedback from some of the speakers/podcasters.

Invent, don’t inhibit


Convergence of the iPod

Using an iPod to see how fast one is running:

Barcamp Brussels: when the day is done

And what a day it was! It went by in a rush, without any major mishaps and with lots of smiling people all around. Me, I just ran around on adrenaline and cafeine (probably equal parts), while catching only the occasional 5 minutes of a speech here and there. But at the end of the day: it was a great atmosphere with lots of interesting topics and charming people eager to learn and share. It was everything I hoped it would be, so I’m a happy man.

Barcamp Brussels: getting there

Less than 24 hours to go and 55 people registered!
Some last instructions on how to get to the International Press Center (near Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi):

The photo must link back to its photo page

I was doing it anyway, but now Flickr is pissing me off:
Flickr: linking is obligatory

Barcamp Brussels: get ready!

Barcamp Brussels
Those of you that will join us on Barcamp Brussels, these is what you need to do to prepare yourselves:

Lies, damned lies and Google trends

Yesterday I was browsing through my freshly arrived Tufte book “The visual display of quantitative information“. One example of “garbage in, garbage out” that he gives is the London Stock Exchange index (which went way down one year in Dec) and the solar radiation in that same year (which obviously also went down in the winter). Plotting both lines in the same graph gives the impression of correlation (Stock Exchange went down because of lack of sun).