Brussels Bloggers Meeting on Oct 7

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Web 2.0 conference in Brussels

The guys from Shoob are organising a Belgian Web 2.0 Conference in Brussels on October 6th.
There is a MEDIA 2.0 track (“challenges for traditional media”):

Pareto doesn’t do search

I’m gonna talk about a post that is 6 months old, I know, but I recently re-read it and wanted to link it to Technorati’s recent traffic troubles.
Joe Kraus from JotSpot (and previously Excite) wrote an excellent article called “The long tail of software. Millions of Markets of Dozens.“. I’ll concentrate on the following segements:

Brusselse Stadsblog gaat van start!

(post in dutch)

Flickr changes image URLs with some glitches

Old URL:

New URL:

Automated initial image tagging: Ojos Inc

What meta-data do we have for the average digital picture we take:

Photofeed: image podcasting

As I said in a previous blog post: it’s not logical that there is no picture podcasting yet, while the content, the devices and the technology are all there. That’s why I decided to lend the ‘loosely coupled’ movement a hand.

Digital filmmaking: cheaper movies

Guitar fretboard generator: name that fret

Just added a new on-line tool to the FORRET TOOLS collection:
the guitar fretboard generator, that allows one to quickly see which frets on which strings are which notes. I needed it because I started playing my 5-string bass again and I get all stressed out when someone asks me to quickly play that G# on the 4th string (6th fret, actually).

Digital cinema: one step closer

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) – founded in March 2002, as a joint venture of Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios – just released its “FINAL OVERALL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR DIGITAL CINEMA”: